Overdue FO, a prize, and some good reads

OK, so I suppose getting around to blogging for the FIRST time about a FO I gave to my mother for Mother’s Day (she received it early too) during the first week of August is a bit tardy.  But here at Molecular Knitting, I am a strong believer in better late than never when it comes to posting FOs.  So lets take a look at the mohair scarf I sent Mom.  She likes it too!
Stained Glass Scarf
Yes, I drink my fresh-squeezed OJ from a footed, crystal glass.  Once when I was in San Francisco, I saw a man leaning out of his 3rd story flat window, sipping OJ from a footed, crystal glass one bright, sunny morning while he enjoyed what I can only imagine was a spectacular view of the city.  I thought he had the right idea.  I didn’t live in San Francisco, and I couldn’t have afforded his home even if I did.  But I could find a footed, crystal glass in clearance room at the Mikasa outlet.  Yes, I feel very special.

I call this the Stained Glass Scarf for what I think are obvious reasons. The yarn is Artful Yarns Portrait in Weeping Woman. The Potrait series of colorways are all based on famous portrait paintings, and I assume this colorway is for the Picasso Weeping Woman painting. This drop stitch pattern was the third stitch pattern I tried–yes, I did rip mohair but very, very carefully. It was the best for the short stretches of color.
Stained Glass Scarf detail
Garter Drop Stitch:
Row 1: knit
Row 2: knit, wrapping yarn 2X around the needle (I used US 9 needles)
Row 3: knit, dropping extra wraps
Row 4: knit

While my computer was on the fritz, I won a prize! I won a skein of sock yarn in Claudia’s Bike for MS fundraiser. I got sent a lovely skein of CTH supersock in the Simply Sock Yarn Company Anniversary Colors.
CTH SSYC Anniversary Yarn
I have a twisty-ribby idea in mind, but I have other socks to finish first. More on those socks in another post. But I do want to mention a new series of historical mysteries (the first two are out) that I have enjoyed very much. They are the Lady Julia Grey mysteries by Deanna Raybourn.
Deanna Raybourn novels
The setting is mid-Victorian period in Britain. Silent in the Grave is the first novel, and it deals with the death of Lady Julia’s husband. Lady Julia assumes her husband’s congenital heart problem has killed him, but one of her dinner guests, Nicholas Brisbane, a private detective to the rich and famous, is sure it is murder. When Lady Julia realizes Mr. Brisbane is right, she decides to solve the murder, and asks for Mr. Brisbane’s help. Mr. Brisbane prefers to work alone. Lady Julia insists on helping. Sparks fly, and the culprit hasn’t a prayer of escaping.

The plot is clever and the characters are a great deal of fun. Furthermore, Ms. Raybourn is a good writer. She has an ear for dialog too. I am a very picky reader. My dad, a literature professor, taught me to recite from T.S. Eliot’s and Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poems when I was in grade school. I learned a love of words from this which led to an aversion of flat, lackluster writing. I am happy to report that I didn’t groan once while reading these two mysteries. I liked the first so well, I had to go out immediately and buy the second. Now I wait in loneliness for the third. Good mysteries are hard to find; I highly recommend these.

16 thoughts on “Overdue FO, a prize, and some good reads”

  • I love the story behind the crystal glass! 🙂

    Pretty scarf! And congrats on your contest win – that’s a very cool skein of yarn.

  • Lovely scarf! Thank you, also, for the book recommendations. Her blog is certainly interesting.

    Orange juice out of a crystal glass is a wonderfully elegant way to enhance a breakfast. Thanks for sharing the story of *why.*

  • Glad your computer is better.
    Congrats on the win, that is a pretty hank of yarn there.
    The scarf turned out lovely, I thinkI had some of that very same yarn in my stash until my teenaged daughter decided it must me hers.

    I will have to look for the books the next time I am near a bookstore or the Library

  • Brenda, elevating the ordinary (orange juice) to something special via the crystal is brilliant!

    Congratulations on the prize wins and on the lovely scarf for your mother.

  • Brenda- I was fascinated by your previous post- and all the problems with the computer.
    I used to work for a courier company- so it wasn’t surprising to me.
    However, your scarf is brilliant, and cheers to you!

  • The scarf is great – thanks for sharing, no matter whenever it is! The juice goblet is very elegant, and you should use it at every opportunity.

    I’ve just started reading mysteries, and enjoyed the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. I’ll have to check these out too.

  • Ripping mohair makes me weep and gnash my teeth. I’d need something stronger in that beautiful glass to get me through it! 😉

    The scarf came out beautifully, which is a testament to your patience…

  • Brenda, the books you’re reading sound so interesting. I like mystery books but wouldn’t call myself a picky reader. I particulary like Sue Grafton, and it was pleasing to know that she frequented one of the yarn shops I’ve been to while in Santa Barbara. I do need to take up more reading.

  • Love the scarf – Mom’s a lucky gal! And the idea of the ordinary every morning “treat yourself special” crystal goblet? Ingenious! I can do that, too!
    Now…about that book series, I simply have to put those on my list! Thanks!

  • Oh, I like the idea of OJ out of crystal, although with little RJ around that idea will likely have to wait (she is now trying to swipe our glasses whenever she gets the chance).

    The scarf is lovely! What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Nice sock yarn, too.

    The books sound great. I’ll have to look those up.

  • Hmmm, those do sound interesting, I’m going to have to give them a try.

    Oooo, how pretty is that scarf! My kind of colours, especially next to a drab dark winter coat. Nice…

  • I was visiting my cousin this weekend, and she had a copy of Silence of the Sanctuary. I read the first 300 pages. Great! I’ll be at the local library tomorrow. Thank you for the info. robin

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