Twisted Flower Socks–at long last

I keep meaning and wanting to post regularly, and then things get in the way.  The past couple of weeks has been a Festival of Migraines! here.  Calling it a festival does give it a more upbeat connotation than I actually experienced, but when one has two migraines in one week with auras of lightning rainbows flashing around the whole left side of one’s field of vision, it does seem rather festive in a macabre sort of way.  Luckily, the headaches weren’t too bad, as the auras, which I usually don’t get, signaled that I should take some Imitrex immediately.  I have managed to do some knitting, and even with showing this FO, I still have two more in the wings.

The Twisted Flower Socks were part of the Single Sock Swap, and Jean of Golden Purl knit the first sock, and then sent me it, the yarn and the pattern. The yarn is Lana Grossa/Meilenweit Seta/Cashmere (65% wool/15% silk/16% polyamide/4% cashmere) in a lovely light navy, and of course the pattern is by Cookie A. I managed to knit the second sock so that it is identical to the first!
Twisted Flower Socks
Even up close!
So this swap was a long time ago blogwise (but not so long when considering earth plate tectonics), and I received the package from Jean last November. I put off knitting until after the holidays, and then things went pretty well until I got to the heel flap, which had SSPs on the wrong side rows. The sock asked for a time out before I killed it. That purling two together through the back loop after twisting the stitches was, shall we say, unpleasant. After a couple months rest, I went back to the sock in a fit of guilt, and now all was easy. Even the twisted motifs, which had been doable, but I was looking at the chart almost every other stitch, now seemed logical. How could I have ever been so confused before? My brain did something in that intervening time; I don’t know what, and I’m not asking. I did check, and I can still do long division of two digit numbers into 4-5 digit numbers in my head, so that wasn’t what went in gaining understanding of what twist goes where. I can still sing the alphabet song too, but I’m sure something vital has flown the coop.

Anyway, I’m even contemplating knitting another pair of socks with twisty patterns in the future. I was going to also post the Stansfield 27 socks today, as they are also done, but they need a little bath and some blocking to be camera ready.

Plus, NELOSYS the first is done and blocked, but it has been too hot for modeled shots, so that has been on blog-posting hold too. And I have made several acquisitions, and I have a couple more on the way. But Archie, my computer, is again sick! It is something different this time, which even M doesn’t understand (this is very hard for me to understand as M thinks like a computer–he usually makes Mr. Spock seem overwrought with sensibility). Archie, when running on his battery, knows he has battery power left, but he shuts down anyway. He’s not overheating, he just goes to a black screen. Sigh. And then he won’t restart unless he’s plugged in. I’ve calibrated the battery and both his battery indicators indicate that he still has battery power. I fear Apple will want to see Archie again, and then I’ll be away again from the blogosphere. Good thing I have a lot of yarn…

11 thoughts on “Twisted Flower Socks–at long last”

  • My battery on my Apple was doing weird things and it turned out it was a defective battery that was recalled. You may want to check on something like that.

    Your socks are amazing. I would probably go crazy with the SSP’s too. That is a stunning pattern.

  • Wow, the Twisted Flower Socks are STUNNING.

    Sorry to hear about the Festival of Migraines – I had one of those a week or so ago, although I still haven’t ever had a visual aura.

  • So cool, that the socks matched exactly! That pattern seems so very complicated… I hope that the computer problems are resolved with little fuss!

  • My sympathies on the Festival overstaying its welcome. I can only imagine what lightening auras are like.

    BTW, I don’t think anyone expects you to blog on any schedule except your own, so no pressure – especially when you come to the table with these beauties. You needed to step away to achieve clarity on vision on the design for these to work.

  • Congrats on the sock! I’m thrilled by how you achieved an identical match. I’d forgotten about those pesky SSP’s. I guess I blocked it out? Anyway, great job!

    So sorry about the migraines and Archie being on the fritz. Wishing it all gets better for you from here.

  • Ugh, between the migraines and Archie you are having quite a week! My ibook was recently sick as well, so I feel your pain. Thankfully my problem was fixed by campus IT. Your issue sounds quite confusing. The socks look lovely though, so at least the knitting appears to be going well.

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