Third Contest Winner and Autumn Plans

Saturday morning, M pulled the winning name for my First Blogiversary contest from a crystal bowl (a wedding gift). It was all on the up and up, as he was doing computer stuff and never even looked at the bowl or, for that matter, the name he pulled out. And that name was Nova, Archivist on the Edge. I’ve emailed her, but I think she is still in Chicago at a big archivist convention, so I have yet to hear from her.

I hope everyone has been a smarter knitter than I have been. I was working so hard on my Minimalist Cardigan, along with a lot of hand work at lab, that I made my hands sore in a repetitive stress sort of way. Not smart. I’ve had to slow down on the cardigan; it has 3/4-length sleeves, and if I deform my hands and wrists, it will really show. But it should still be done in time for cool weather (late October). To get gauge and nice sweater fabric, I need to knit the cardi as tight as I can, which contributes to the stress. So I was thinking about what sorts of knitting projects could be worked along side the cardi that didn’t have such a tight gauge. And lace would fit the bill quite nicely. I am nearly done with the VLT scarf in Habu silk (it shall appear in the next WIP post on the couch-o-meter!), so I thought, What Next? While photographing my lace yarn stash for Ravelry, I found yarn I had forgotten I had:
Frog Tree Brushed Suri.JPG
Brushed Suri Alpaca in Christmas Red!!
Wouldn’t that make a lovely wrap for Christmas? I think Kiri is the way to go here. I have more yarn than I need (I seldom worry about using up all the yarn), and Kiri will let me stop when I want. It is also a good first top-down triangular shawl pattern. So, I think I have a plan to get good handknits and not deformed hands.

As I only have three socks left to knit (and I mean 3 socks, not 3 pairs) for Christmas giving and M’s scarf (which has the same tight gauge issues as the minimalist cardi), I think this shall all be doable with some fun sock projects and the like for myself. But now it’s time for a cup of tea…

Happy Knitting!

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