Blogiversary Contest Begins and Two Winners

First the Two Winners (then the Actual Blogiversary Contest):

On Saturday afternoon, Janet of Twisted Knitter submitted the 1000th comment to Molecular Knitting. In her comment she mentioned that the Sockomo Autumn yarn wanted to go live with her. I hadn’t decided which yarn to give for each prize, and I thought it would be pretty bitchy to tell her she was Commenter 1000 but she had to take a different yarn, so the Sockomo Autumn will be finding a home with her (she was more than ecstatic in reply to my email). She also chose Anne’s Orchid Lace Scarf from Knitspot, an excellent choice, as I intend to order a copy of that for myself as well (I may even have an order from Knitpicks on the way with some yarn for that scarf and the mitts–the pattern for the mitts is coming soon). Art Deco lace rocks.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a suggestion in the Pre-Blogiversary Contest Contest (PBCC)! They were all excellent ideas. One, however, really struck me as appropriate for a First Blogiversary Contest. That idea came from Kim of Knits with a Silent K, who is a knitting fiend when it comes to knitting donations for charity or handknits with a UC-Berkeley (Cal) theme. Kim has won the Seacoast Merino/Tencel and also a Knitspot pattern, although I don’t know which one she wants yet.

Actual First Blogiversary Contest!!
This contest, in the words of Kim, will be like a blog-hosted state fair. To enter, leave a comment telling what your favorite FO of the past 12 months is that you have completed (whatever craft) and why it’s your fave. If you can leave a link to the FO post or to an online picture of the FO that would be most excellent, however, I’m not making that essential to entering. The contest will close at the last minute of August, so leave your comment before the clock strikes midnight on Friday evening in PDT. I hope this is both easy and fun. Everyone who comments with a favorite FO will go into a random drawing. A skein of sumptuous Sleeping Dragon sock yarn in Pool and a Knitspot pattern of the winner’s choosing are the prizes!

I suppose I should post my favorite FO since I’ve started blogging. It’s the Landscape Shawl from Fibertrends that I knit in CTH Supersock Green Mountain Madness. It came out like it was supposed to, the colors are great, and people who know me are amazed that I could knit it (that’ s a bit lowering actually). It became a little tedious toward the end, but it was all worth it, and when it is cool I wear it often.

GMM Landscape Shawl

Landscape Shawl

So, what was your favorite FO of the past year? We all want to know…

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