Good News-Bad News

Good News-Bad News
Good News-Bad News

Bad News:  I turned 45 on Monday the 10th.  It’s hard to call that early 40s anymore.
Good News:  I had a birthday!  M took me out for a great dinner at a local Greek restaurant, and I got some great stuff too, like a pretty quartz and pyrite mineral from Transylvania to add to my mineral collection. It’s more sparkly in the sun.
Quartz with pyrite from Transylvania
Bad News: I have a pinched sciatic nerve in my left leg that is causing numbness and weakness.
Good News: I have very little actual pain with it, and the doctor thinks physical therapy is all that is needed, plus I can continue yoga.

Bad News: Good golly my hamstrings are sore!
Good News: I started yoga again after an eight year hiatus. I found a great teacher who is fun and smart, and I’m still scarily flexible.

Bad News: The Lucky 7 Hat I knit as a Christmas gift for my SIL will be too small for her.
Good News: The hat turned out well, and it fits Meghan, a grad student in lab who is petite. The hat was not knit in vain; it has a head!
Meghan wearing Lucky 7 Hat
Lucky 7 Hat
Bad News: I have to knit another hat. I hate knitting hats. I especially hate 16-inch circular needles.
Good News: I have 8″-long dpns. I can make up a simple hat pattern good for skiing (must have fold over brim). I knit a gauge swatch and found out the head measurement of my SIL. 96-st around will work fine.
Teresa's hat
Bad News: I didn’t have enough dark green yarn left over to make a second hat. The green matches SIL’s ski jacket.
Good News: I can buy yarn online! Above is Wool of the Andes in Ivy Kettle Hand-dyed. To get free shipping, I “had” to buy enough yarn to knit a sweater for me. Below is Wool of the Andes in Fern.
Wool of the Andes in Fern
Bad News: Some knitters complain that their Wool of the Andes is scratchy and the skeins full of knots.
Good News: Not scratchy to me. One knot in the first skein. Colors seem very good.

Bad News: I could go on and on with this Bad News-Good News thing.
Good News: I’m stopping now.

19 thoughts on “Good News-Bad News”

  • Happy Birthday!

    Sorry about the sciatica, but glad you can continue yoga. Yoga’s about the only thing that keeps my body from totally falling apart.

    Beautiful quartz and pyrite and lovely hat as well. Sorry it didn’t fit the person for whom it was it was originally intended.

  • Belated happy birthday!!! Hope the sciatic nerve stuff gets better quickly – I can definitely relate to that. I have a great stretch from my chiropractor that seems to do as much as physical therapy.

    Cute hat!

  • Happy Birthday! I like your post on good news/bad news, especially when the bad news means you have to buy more yarn. I haven’t posted lately, but it’s because I’m working on my first sock pattern…and it will be free. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to add it to Ravelry and get it out in the next month.

  • Happy Birthday!!! Regardless – it’s only a number.

    And that hat is adorable, oh bah must buy more yarn???? lolol
    The sciatica is a problem, I’m having same thing in the right leg. (HEY – we could be a matched set?) But yes, yoga is helpful. As are my heated seats in my Forester!

  • Bad news: I turned 45 last month; that means I’m older than you. I had a moment where I realized that my life is probably half over.
    Good news: That thought didn’t last long and I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t really feel any different being 45.

  • Oh Brenda! Happy belated birthday, sciatica aside. I know a thing or two about pinched nerves so be thankful (as you say good news) that PT will take care of the problem.

    WOTA is a workhorse yarn. Sounds like you got a good batch. Unfortunately knots happen 🙂

    Allow yourself the fun of knitting yourself a sweater. Something to look forward to post hat.

  • Oh, happy belated birthday! And good for you for starting up yoga again. I’ve been on a 2 year hiatus, and I’m looking for a new studio. I’m thinking of maybe trying Bikram… It’s hard to find a studio/instructor that I like.

    I agree, WOTA is a workhorse yarn, much like Cascade 220. You can’t go wrong!

  • Happy belated birthday! I just milked the big 5-0 for a week and it was great. I have decided that having birthdays is preferable to the alternative, and you get cards and presents too. The only bad part is wondering which body part is going to go on the fritz next.

  • Happy birthday (a bit late)! I totally understand about the injury thing. I have neck issues that are easily treated by physical therapy. Of course that means I actually have to do it. ;P

    The hat and yarn look great!

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