Christmas Socks and Dragonflies

Christmas Socks and Dragonflies
Christmas Socks and Dragonflies

Before I get to the socks, many people wanted me to keep them updated about my family’s cat Rip.  Well, in very early October, Rip needed to be put down.  He really was not doing well.  My family misses him of course, but they are glad he is no longer suffering.  They appreciated all of your wonderful comments.

While knitting the first pair of Christmas socks in a 4×4 rib, I realized that if I didn’t get any sock blockers, I was going to have awful photos.  The socks were too narrow for my feet, so I asked Cristi, the turtlegirl, if she’d make me a pair of  blockers.  Cristi usually puts rulers on the blockers, but I didn’t need that, so she asked if I wanted anything else.  Well, I had a ladybug tape measure and a beehive pincushion (see below), so I thought something keeping with the “good bugs” theme would be cool.  Cristi did dragonflies, and I couldn’t be more pleased.
Dragonfly sock blockers
So, the first pair of Christmas socks, which I finished in August, can now have their FO pic on the blog.
Christmas Socks I 2008
The yarn is Fleece Artist Merino in Lily Pond. I knit on 2.25 mm (size 1) needles, which with my tension the FA yarn made for a very durable fabric. I don’t think I’ll do that again. Plus, on size 1 needles, the Eye of Partridge heel took 42 rows for 21 picked up stitches. I’m somewhat surprised that the gussets worked out as well as they did. But they are DONE!

I also finished the second pair of Christmas socks in a K3,P1,K1,P1 rib for the leg and a stockinette foot. These turned out nice in Fleece Artist Seawool in Burgundy.
Christmas Socks II 2008
I wasn’t enthralled with the Seawool; it felt a little artificial, but the knit fabric turned out very nice. So that’s IT on the Christmas socks. I have one hat to knit for a gift. I already knit a hat, but it is too small for the recipient, so I ordered new yarn. The too small hat should fit a grad student in lab who is a size 0 and grew up in Phoenix, so she finds northern California cold. She’s agreed to a photoshoot if the hat fits, and then she can keep it.

I have to show you my bottle cap pin cushion (the support is a bottle cap from a 2 liter soda bottle) made by Very Big Jen, which I bought at her etsy shop, Schmaltzy Craftsy. It is so cute! (and I’m usually pretty immune to cute) I haven’t been able to stick any pins in it yet. So it currently functions as a objet d’art. With the dragonfly sock blockers and my ladybug tape measure, the trio makes quite a nice little “good bugs” grouping. Good bugs, of course, are those bugs that eat the bad bugs that bite me (or provide the world with food by pollinating plants and eating crop pests–I suppose that’s almost as important as eating the bugs that bite me).
Beehive pincushion
As for bugs biting me, let’s just say that when asked what sort of insect repellent he uses, M says, “I stand next to my wife, and they are too busy biting her to bite me.” Nice.

15 thoughts on “Christmas Socks and Dragonflies”

  • I love your “good bugs” art!!!
    And the socks look great.
    Maybe I need sockblockers? I usually show off finished socks on my own feet. Even if they’re gifts.

  • You’re finished with Christmas socks already? Yikes! I’ve just started! Congrats on finishing them! Surprisingly, I really like the colors on the first pair. Soft, but not too pastel-like.

    Your “good bugs” collection is SO cute. The dragonflies on the sock blockers are great, especially on the lime background. Awesome.

  • God bless Rip. I’m sure he is very busy keeping an eye on all of you.

    I love those sock blockers, and the other buggy things!! What a great collection.

    And congratulations on getting some Christmas knitting finished. It’s a good feeling at this point in the year, isn’t it?

  • I love your entire buggy collection, I jumped over to look at Turtlegirl’s etsy shop to find in empty 🙁 I will keep an eye for a restock.

    Wow, finished with Christmas items already!!!! you are my hero. I keep “thinking” about starting some, gotta start somewhere. Your socks look fantastic.

  • The Christmas socks look great! I admire your good planning. I am way behind on Christmas gifts, but will be somewhat saved by the fact that I was so far behind last year that I saved some gifts for this year. 😉 I LOVE the pin cushion and sock blockers. They are both so cheerful.

  • I love your sock blockers…yes, we love good bugs. I wish I could say I’m done with Christmas knitting. Alas, I will make a list and likely only get to 2 or 3 of them by Christmas.

  • Lovely sock blockers! I’ll have to look for a set on my next yarn store visit. They really do show off your knitting very well. I have Seawool in my stash, and will keep the end product in mind while knitting them up.

  • Thanks for the update on Rip. I know your family misses him, but like you said, he’s no longer suffering.

    GREAT socks!!! I love those sock blockers too. Very cute!

  • Lovely socks and super sock blockers.

    My husband could say the same as yours. Spiders have been finding me quite tasty this year. I probably need to increase my B’s. 😀

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