Four Final FOs of 2008

Four Final FOs of 2008

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season filled with peace and good cheer! M and I spent two weeks in Illinois and Wisconsin visiting family and friends. All our flights went smoothly with no delays, and we had a good time. We even got to experience quite a bit of snow in Wisconsin. Among many wonderful gifts, I received some knitting books, the Harlot’s 365-day calendar and a whole lot of yarn–my entire Webs wishlist in fact; but all that must wait for another post, as I must post about my final four 2008 FOs before any more of 2009 goes by. So without further ado…

Socks knit in Seacoast Merino/Tencel in the Baltic colorway:
Baltic Socks
Baltic Socks heel flap
I made up the pattern using a yarn-over “cable” and a beaded rib, which I deem so-so. I also made the heel flap a little short for my instep and the sock circumference a little small for me by accident. However, these will fit my MIL very well, I think, and they are colors she loves. Voila!–one pair of socks for Christmas 2009 done. The yarn and colors are superb.

But I did end up with hand knits for me! The grey tweed pullover has worked out very well. It’s roomy, but I got the sleeve length perfect, and I modified the rolled neck of the pattern to stockinette with purl ridges to better match the detailing on the sleeves and body. I’ve worn this sweater A LOT.
Grey Tweed Pullover
I also knit myself a hat with leftover yarn with the same rolled edge with purl ridges. I like this hat! I usually hate hats.
Grey Tweed Hat and Pullover
Grey Tweed and Malabrigo
You can see the machinations I go through to photograph myself. Glare is not kind. But you can see my final FO–the Malabrigo cabled brioche scarf. Wow! So soft! So cushy! So warm! This might be my favorite hand knit so far. It was wonderful in Wisconsin. I didn’t block it as it looked good and was the perfect width for my short neck without blocking. I went beyond the neckwarmer I originally planned, and I was glad for the extra warmth. It’s about 42 inches long, as seen on the couch-o-meter:
Malabrigo Scarf on Couch-o-meter
Well, that’s it for 2008 FOs. 17 in all. A goodly number. Onward!

12 thoughts on “Four Final FOs of 2008”

  • I love your grey tweed pullover! It looks so nice *and* comfortable. Your socks and scarf are cool, too, but I *heart* the grey tweed.

    Happy New Year, Brenda.

  • I adore your scarf – it looks so warm and wonderful! I think that the socks are great too. I’m impressed that you made up your own pattern and that it looks so professional. 17 projects in 2008 – what a great big number!

  • Happy New Year! I’m glad to see the couch-o-meter is getting some use 🙂

    All of your FOs looks so warm and snuggly– perfect for Illinois and Wisconsin!

  • Brenda- I think you look fab in your hat and scarf. And that sweater is the perfect wearable- warm and goes with everything.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  • Beautiful!!! And I just howl every time I see the couch-o-meter!!
    What a fun idea…

    It’s a challenge to photo ourselves, isn’t it? But you always do such a good job…

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