Earlier this evening at Chez Molecular Knitting:
M: Did you get the mail?
Me: I’ll just go and get it.
A minute or so later:
M: Was there anything good? (M sees me clutching a small priority mail box to my chest.) What’s that?
Me: It’s for me! It’s for me! It’s for me! It’s the Blue Faced Leicester sock yarn I ordered.
I rip open the box and peek inside.
Me: Why is it pink? I thought the yarn I ordered was mostly blue.
I pull out ziptop bag.
Me: Ah, she wrapped the yarn in pink tissue paper.
Opening the bag and tissue paper:
Me: Ooooo! It’s so pretty! I love the colors! Look at the luster! Blue Faced Leicester sheep rock! And Aimee’s dye job is fabulous!
Poseidon BFL sock yarn
M: I’ll go get a mailer so you can return it.
Me: What???
M: Well, you clearly don’t like it.
Me: You’re not funny. You think you’re funny, but you’re not.
M: Then why are you laughing?
Me: I’m not laughing. This is a grimace of pain because you think you are funny.
M: Is that what that is?
Me: Go away! (talking to the yarn) Come, my pretty! You’ll look stunning posed on the leather chair arm. All must see you and weep that you are mine. Mine! Mine! Mine!
M: I think you need help.
Me: HA! (Never let it be said that I can’t deliver a cutting setdown when required!)
Little Dog Designs BFL Sock Yarn
I have always been smitten with the name “Blue Faced Leicester” and have wanted some BFL yarn. In my woeful ignorance, I hadn’t realized that it makes excellent sock yarn. I have Kristy of Eleven Stitches to thank for pointing that out. She got some from as a gift from her grandmother. I followed her link, but the only BFL sock yarn left was in colors I just don’t use. However, I was determined (I hadn’t bought any yarn since early November) and quite capable of using etsy’s search engine. And at Little Dog Designs, I found the perfect skein for me. Poseidon went into my cart and I placed the order right quick on a Friday evening before a three-day National Holiday weekend (curses!). But first thing Tuesday, Aimee had it shipped out to me, and wonder of wonders, the postal service got it here Thursday afternoon (maybe that three day weekend did them some good–I worked).

The last thing I need is more sock yarn. But this is research! I needed to find out for myself if BFL yarn is as good as merino in my book. I think it might be. It has a lovely sheen and a nice tight twist. The colors are intense yet soft. As soon as Febrach’s socks are done; I’m knitting up the BFL. I’ll take it to work tomorrow for my friend LC to see and pet. I hope she gives it back; she knows and appreciates fine fiber. LC just had her wisdom teeth out and she got two dry sockets, which having had one myself, I know are quite painful. But if she tries to abscond with my yarn, a right hook to the jaw might be forthcoming.

One last look…
close up of Poseidon

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