Yarn and Monkeys

Yarn and Monkeys

A while ago I envied some Malabrigo yarn on Karen’s blog, Yarn is My Metier (she knows how to do the accent on the second e of metier–my code manual is somewhere, not here…). She told me not to envy the Malabrigo, she had oodles and oodles (my choice of words not hers), and would send me some: would I please choose a weight and two colors. Wowza! I picked Polar and Burgundy in a heavy worsted, and my they are pretty.
Polar Malabrigo Heavy Worsted
Burgundy Malabrigo Heavy Worsted
These are multi-plied yarns, which Karen bought when Malabrigo was switching to single ply yarns. I am glad of this, because I think the multi-ply may have more durability. But the colors are intense and lovely, and the yarn is super-soft merino. The colors in the Polar are hard to capture, a soft greened-grey. I have two skeins of each color, so now I need to think of projects! Merino and my skin get along famously well, so one color is going to be a scarf of some sort. Decisions, decisions…
In addition to the yarn, Karen also sent a dpn (or crochet hook) holder made of a very fun sock monkey print fabric from Textile Fetish.
Monkey Sock Needle Case
M’s grandmother gave me a set of Knit Picks nickel-plated sock dpns for Christmas, and they are right at home in this needle case (so much nicer than the plastic case they came in).
Monkey Sock Needle Case from Karen
Those are happy sock monkeys! I had been looking around for a cloth needle case for dpns, and I’m glad I can stop looking, because I didn’t find anything this fun and well-designed in my searches.

If for some perverse reason, you don’t like sock monkeys, than perhaps a Monkey Gland cocktail might be more to your liking.
Monkey Gland
You can read more about this “unique” cocktail at Cocktails with M.

Happy Knitting!

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