Fiberlicious Friday: Dinner and Dessert

Fiberlicious Friday: Dinner and Dessert

I liked Megan’s idea for Fiberlicious Fridays (yarn posed as food), that I tried my poor hand at it while M made real dinner. Megan’s even set up a Flickr group. This was a good exercise for me because all of these yarns are from my stash, and I had pretty much forgotten that I had them. M asked me what I was doing when he saw me arranging yarn on various plates. I told him of Megan’s idea, and he looked at me as though both Megan and I had lost our marbles. I explained that Megan was studying for her Ph. D. prelim exams. M nodded in understanding, but then asked, “So what’s your excuse?” Excuse? I have yarn, dishes, and a camera.

Balanced Dinner.JPG
Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Cabin Fever, Claudia’s Hand Painted in Eat Your Veggies, and Regia Fadig 4 in a starchy color.

Since it’s summer, and dinner looks like it might be a bit heavy, we have a lovely sorbet for dessert:
Mixed Berry Sorbet.JPG
Lorna’s Laces Shepherd’s Sock in Mixed Berry.

That looks tasty enough to look at from the other side where the blackberries are hiding.
LL Mixed Berry Sorbet.JPG

As I mentioned, I had forgotten these yarns, so they aren’t in my mental sock knitting queue. Therefore, the question becomes, can I get them knit by the end of Summer of Socks 2007?

Right now I’m off to knit some Chocolate Cherry Socks for a very nice lady.

Have a great weekend!

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