Contest Updates and Prizes!

The Pre-Blogiversary Contest Contest is officially closed. Thanks to everyone who sent in ideas! I shall announce the winner and her idea (starting the Actual Blogiversary Contest) on Monday, August 27th, my official First Blogiversary. But don’t think you can’t win a prize this weekend! If I get the usual number of comments on this post, someone will be the 1000th commenter and win a prize! So what are the prizes? Let’s take a look–

1st Blogiversary 2007
Left to right: Sleeping Dragon Superwash Merino in Pool, Seacoast Handpainted Merino/Tencel in Silver and Gold, Fleece Artist Sockomo in Autumn.

And how about up close:
1st Blogiversary 082707

I’ve been in contact with Anne, the totally fab designer of Knitspot fame, and we have worked out how I can provide each winner with the Knitspot pattern of the winner’s choosing. You pick the pattern, I pay the bill. I’ll be picking some patterns for myself too (Wing o’ the Moth, Honeybee stole, orchid scarf, etc., etc.). I think this is a brilliant plan, if I may say so. I was surprised I was able to think of it. I really appreciate Anne’s enthusiasm and help–she figured out instantly how we could do this.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be knitting on the first sleeve of the Minimalist Cardi and swatching some archaic cable to rework a sock cuff that wasn’t turning out to be all that it could be.

Happy Knitting!

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