When work takes up so much time that knitting progress slows to the proverbial crawl, I find it soothing to use an alternative measurement system. A shawl or scarf requires far too many inches to be complete to make two inches seem like much to crow about. Therefore, I have made use of our red couch-o-meter (or sofa-o-meter, depending upon your region of upbringing).

Three couch-cushions and your scarf is complete! 3.5 cushions makes a shawl!


Almost 2 complete sofa cushions of Aran Pocket Shawl knit! The chevron scarf isn’t so far along, but it is much narrower, so it may catch up. Can we stand the suspense?! Has putting in 12 hours of work today made me silly?! Is the damage permanent?! Can I relearn ending a sentence with only one punctuation mark?!

Tune in later this week…!

15 thoughts on “Couch-o-Meter”

  • LOL! I love your creative measuring skills and your unabashed love of punctuation marks in this entry!

    Both the scarf and the shawl look wonderful.

  • Brenda- Pure Genius, though I’m not sure a sofa is as portable as a tape measure.

    Could it fit in your knitting bag?

  • You’re so funny 🙂 What a great measurement scale! Although I doubt my fiance and cats would appreciate me getting them off the futon just so I could measure.

  • I like the couch-o-meter idea. I imagine saying “only 1 cushion left to go” instead of “only 30 inches left to go” makes a huge difference in your perception of knitting progress.

  • Nice system. I just placed a box in front of the couch to store my in-progress projects because hubby was complaining about my knitting crap taking over. Ha!

  • I will definitely have to start using the couch-o-meter! At first I though it said crochet-o-meter, and I wondered how you would crochet to measure knitting (the length of the hook? a single crochet chain?) I guess I need to cut back on the 12 hour days too. 🙂

    The shawl and the scarf are both lovely!

  • I hope you are able to overcome your addiction to punctuation. I think the cure lies in knitting…more knitting time has a reverse correlation to punctuation. Hoping you have more time soon.

  • Don’t forget “settee.” The progress on the shawl (and the scarf) is very impressive. Keep trying to squeeze in the knitting fun, it will balance out the craziness.

  • Hee hee…couch-o-meter! Hey, that’s a great system though.

    Hope you get more knitting time on the weekend!

  • Love the couch-o-meter! It’s all about proportions 🙂

    The shawl and scarf are looking great!

  • LOL – briliant!! And really, why not indulge in a little punctuation exuberance? I sure can’t give anyone grief about that.

    Hope things settle down after today.

  • That is a great way to measure something! Too bad my couch is a boring brown. It won’t make for nearly a nice photo as your red couch.

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