WIP Revisited

“I may not be multi-colored, cabled or lace, but I still think I am a good knit.” Aran Pocket Shawl

Poor intermittent WIP! How low its self-esteem has sunk since I started it last November. I’d pick it up every once in a while, knit a half-repeat and then put it back down. It watched from its basket as other WIPs became FOs and never complained. But it is a good knit. The Berocco Ultra Alpaca is softer than just wool, but still has a lot of sproinginess, which I don’t usually find in alpaca. The stitch pattern is pleasant to knit, easy to memorize, but not boring. It is now over a third complete and is over 2 feet long unblocked. In the photo above it is basking in the last rays of the setting sun on a maple log M just split for firewood next autumn. I think this WIP has ripened, because I want to get it done. It was fine as an intermittent WIP for quite a while, but now I hear it calling whenever I knit. This may be due to the sock fiasco of last weekend, which is still too painful to write of in detail (so many high hopes dashed on the rocks of gauge!), but it may also just be that it is this knit’s time. Does it really matter?

Yesterday evening after some brief late afternoon showers, the sunset was very grand. I had a meeting in a neighboring town, and as I drove north, I kept glancing at the sun and clouds mentally kicking myself for not having the camera with me. Then I thought to call M, and he kindly took this photo.


Happy Knitting!

9 thoughts on “WIP Revisited”

  • Oh wow, that is a beautiful sky.

    I have a shawl like that too – it’s the Seaweed scarf/shawl from VY… I work on it whenever I feel the need. But, it does call to me.

    Is the Aran Pocket Shawl from “Folk Shawls”?

  • I like that about WIPs. Sometimes it becomes necessary to finish something that had been languishing for awhile.

  • Hello! I came across your blog and wanted to say “hi”. You have such beautiful projects! I’m also a California knitter and scientist.

    I love the color of your Aran Pockt Shawl. It complements the pattern beautifully.

  • I like the shawl, but can totally understand having to come back to end it now and again, and I LOVE knitting with BUA, it is so soft, and it makes for a really warm garment too.

  • That looks really nice! Shawls are such a transportable, wearable, useful thing to have around, don’t you think? I really need to make one for myself.

  • Brenda- I’ve always loved that shawl, and the pockets are so cool.

    Now’s a good time to finish it and wear it.

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