It’s a Wrap

It’s late, but she’s hot off the needles, ends woven in, ready to block (I’m going to spin it in my “I can spin delicates safely” washing machine, but I’m not worried–much).

“Can you believe she’s going to make me, the Aran POCKET Shawl, without pockets? It’s a travesty of knitting! I’m made of 50% alpaca yarn! I don’t deserve such an indignity! My poor nerves! She has no consideration for my poor nerves!” Aran Pocket Shawl.

I am so glad this knit is off the needles! I knit seven repeats this weekend just to finish her up. I like the shawl, but it’s one big rectangle. Now, for just a little attitude adjustment on the shawl’s part (50% alpaca?!–has it not seen the 100% suri alpaca in my stash?). Well, it’s nothing that a good blocking can’t straighten out. Pattern notes to follow. Now I can go back to my pink sock. Yay! And my Victorian lace. Yay! And my barely cast on jacket. Yay! Yays all around!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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