VLT Scarf FO

Finally, I found time and space to block the wide-bordered “Scarf” from page 80 of Victorian Lace Today. The patterns in this book were obviously not named with blog posts and knitting bloggers in mind! Before beginning, I had trepidations about the orthogonal changes in knitting directions, so I chose the easiest pattern. Let’s just say I didn’t feel challenged during the knitting. I did love knitting with Sea Silk!!

Before the blocking:
“I’m not feeling my prettiest right now,” Scarf.

After the blocking:
VLT Scarf in Berry Sea Silk
“I’m feeling so much more open and relaxed!”

I chose this yarn for myself originally, but over Christmas, when Grandma Adeline told me that she had lost the feather and fan scarf I knit her a couple years ago, AND that she would love another scarf in a different color (she still hoped to find the first), I decided the Berry Sea Silk should be for her. I guess I could have been vexed that she lost the first scarf, but I decided it was a real compliment that she had liked the scarf enough to confess to losing it and asking for another.

Grandma Adeline is not tall, so I only knit five of the seven repeats of the border, and then I knit the entire scarf to 42 inches long (including both borders). This blocked to 49 inches long. I did a gentle block as the Sea Silk is not stretchy. I soaked the scarf in cool water for 15-20 minutes, squeezed out the excess water, took embarrassing photos of the wet lace scarf blob, then laid it out on a beach towel. I only pinned the points of the borders. I like to try the gentlest blocking method first with non-wool fibers, and then if that doesn’t work, I can always reblock with more muscle. This gentle blocking satisfied me. The border is simple but rather attractive, although it isn’t absolutely symmetrical in design.

Godmother's Wide Border in Berry Sea Silk

The best part of this project is that I have 59 of the original 100 grams of the Sea Silk left! It’s like having my cake and eating it, too.

Happy Knitting!

14 thoughts on “VLT Scarf FO”

  • Brenda- Isn’t the Seasilk incredible? I love the smell.

    Beautiful knitting, and I love the color. Mmmmmmmm!

  • Love it! This is the first FO from VLT that I’ve seen. I have 1 skein of Sea Silk that I too will use for one of the lovely projects from this book.

  • Awesome job on the scarf; it looks fabulous! It’s a pretty colour too. Hope your grandmother likes it (though I’m sure she will).

  • Very nice. I’ve heard great things about the sea silk, and I’m always amazed by lace pics pre-blocking vs post-blocking

  • What a very beautiful scarf this is! I really love the pattern as well as the colour – and the yarn you’ve been using must have been heaven to work with! Congratulations on a great accomplishment!

  • That is just gorgeous! What a vibrant color! I love to see how it opened up after a good blocking 😉

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