Overheard: A FO Story

Saturday evening I finished up the knitting on the much anticipated Fleece Artist Merino Parrot socks. Today I grafted the second toe (Knitty directions work more than once!) after lunch so I could get them into the light-colored delicate load of laundry. But first the socks and I had a little photo shoot out on the back patio, and I overheard this socky conversation.

Parrot Socks

Second Sock: Well, we are a pair now, and I must say we are stylin’. Of course, we are knit from the best sock yarn in the entire universe!

First Sock: Perhaps not in the entire universe. But I do like how our kind knitter used a simple pattern so that our lovely parrot colors are shown to their best.

Eye of Partridge HeelFleece Artsit Merino in Parrot

Second Sock: Parrot, my Aunt Fanny! We look like guacamole! Really good, home made guacamole, not that nasty store bought “guac.” Say, did you hear the news going round the sock basket, that the Tofutsies yarn may still not be behaving? Our knitter thinks it may be too big.

First Sock: I’m sure our knitter will solve the problem. She is thinking of switching to a smaller needle after the first repeat of the pattern. If that fails to satisfy, she is contemplating using a different ball of Tofutsies and knit it up in the Rib and Cable pattern from IK Fall 2005 by Nancy Bush. She has had excellent success with this pattern before, and she knows how it behaves.

Second Sock: I think she should just stick to yarns made from the fleece of Nova Scotian sheep. That’s what I think.

First Sock: Well, having been out of the sock basket longer than you, my dear twin, I happen to know that she has plans for two skeins of our Fleece Artist Merino brethren: Burgundy and Woodland. And they won’t be knit into socks.


Second Sock: What’s she going to knit?! It’s sock yarn for cryin’ out loud!!

First Sock: If you don’t know you’ll just have to wait and see.

Second Sock: That’s not fair!

First Sock: You know what our knitter’s M says about fair.

Second Sock: What’s fair?

First Sock: Pigs in a park.

Second Sock: Why you big meanie! You better keep your foot away from me! I’m gonna tell our knitter that you’re a big bully.

First Sock: She’s the older of two sibs herself. I’m certain she’ll see things my way. Oh, and M is also the older child. Face it, you’re doomed.

At this point, I decided to end hostilities by a trip through the washer. We’ll see if that makes them better friends. In the meantime, the second sock will be trying to figure out what I plan to do with the Woodland and Burgundy FA. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. 😉

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

17 thoughts on “Overheard: A FO Story”

  • LOL, that was a great and very creative post! Love the socks and their colours! I’ve got some Fleece Artist that I plan on making Dublin Bay out of, but I can’t find the name of the colourway on it anywhere…

  • LOL! Don’t you love it when your socks talk?

    (How much yardage is in Fleece Artist sock yarn? Just curious!)

  • Brenda- I was lucky enough to visit Catherine in her studio just outside of Halifax. She is cute and so creative.
    She has blown Colinette out of the water. It is wonderful stuff.

  • The socks do show off the colorway! And it does have guac colors. Yum. Avocados are cheap right now too (relatively).

    Now, now. Socks shouldn’t fight. Much.

    Pigs in a park? LOL!

  • Second sock must really be behind in her blog reading if she can’t tell a good Chevron scarf combo when she sees it.

  • I’m really going to have to try some Fleece Artist Merino sometime. It sounds so smart and articulate!

  • I’m guessing a Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. They’re going around the blogosphere….And it would be very pretty in your brightly colored yarn and your mostly same colored yarn….

  • Hee hee! Just like brother and sister…!

    Fleece Artist is just so wonderful… Your guac socks are beautiful, and you’re right, they do look more like “guacamole” than a parrot.

    So – looking forward to seeing what you do with the sock yarn!

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