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I am very happy to report that the errant second Gingerbread Cable Sock and I have completely reconciled. In fact, the GCS have gone from a WIP to a FO! We are both very pleased.

Gingerbread Cable Socks
“I can’t believe she finally finished you, my lovely sock mate!” First Sock.

OK, I don’t have cute kitties like Chris, so I have to make my socks talk. It’s sad, I know. The completion of the GCS means that only the Fleece Artist merino socks in Parrot are still on the needles. I think FA misnamed this colorway; it should be called Guacamole, but maybe I’m just hungry.


Actually, I do have two other pairs of socks on the needles, but they are soon to be frogged. Both annoy me. First, I don’t like the colors in this yarn. The gold with the pink, blue, grey and white just doesn’t do it for me. I want my needles back, so it’s going to be ripped.


Second to go is this cuff; it’s the third pattern attempt with this yarn (Fleece Artist for Simply Sock Yarn’s first anniversary), and I don’t like the striping. It’s too jarring, so back into the stash it goes.


All this frogging leaves me needles to finally cast on for the Lenten Rose pattern from Sundara’s Petals Collection. I plan to use the lace pattern Sundara provided. I’m very excited by both the yarn and the pattern.


I received the next installment in the Petals Collection today: Birds of Paradise. I’d show you, but Flickr won’t let me upload the picture. It’s very bright and cheerful. I’ll save it for the Easter season.

I also want to get a pair of the Tofutsies M bought me as described in my last post on the needles. My friend Elsie has knit a couple pairs of Tofutsies socks, and she really likes the yarn. She machine washes and dries her handknit socks, and she reports that the Tofutsies yarn holds up well to this laundering routine, and the socks get even softer with washing (it’s really soft in the skein). I’m hoping the soy silk/wool blend will extend the handknit sock wearing season here in California.

It’s time to play with Sundara’s yarn!

Have a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “Sock Stories”

  • Oh, I think Guacamole is an excellent name for the yarn! It does look like it.

    That’s quite the collection of sock yarn!

  • Guacamole is a great colorway name! I’m glad to see you’re starting with the Lenten Rose yarn. Enjoy it!

  • The lenten rose sock will be very pretty. I am saving mine for another pattern I have not yet found…

  • Wow, you knit socks like I knit socks…lots of singlets with no mates! Too bad about the jaywalkers, I really like the way the first one turned out. The colors, and everything. Maybe you shouldn’t frog them and make them for me. :o) I absolutely love the gray Gingerbread socks–I have a soft spot for gray socks, yet I rarely feel the compunction to knit any for myself. And those Lenten Rose’s…they’re gorgeous. I’ve seen a couple in the blogosphere, and they. are. divine.

  • I love the Lenten Rose yarn and socks – can’t wait to see your lace!
    Talking socks – LOLOL!

  • Brenda- I was telling Chris, some yarn is better in the skein or ball- once you knit with it, it loses it’s charm.

    That’s why it falls under the category of “hoard”. Stuff you’ll never knit. The joy is in the owning.

  • Nothing wrong with talking knits – you should hear what the dishcloths are always saying around here…

  • Your socks look great (as always). I also like that your socks talk. Keeps the knitting interesting! 🙂

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