First, thanks for all the wonderful compliments on the VLT scarf I knit for my Grandma Adeline! Now if I could just get it packaged up and mailed off to her.

Work has been very busy this past weekend and week, and I have had to do quite a bit of work at home. This seriously cut into my knitting time. It wasn’t until Wednesday evening that I thought I could knit without making a mistake. Last Saturday, I procrastinated with the work stuff and managed to finish knitting the piecrust basketweave scarf. It still needs blocking.

Mmmm….soft alpaca…

I also started a sock in Tofutsies. Since I hadn’t knit with this yarn before (and because my brain was goo), I decided on a simple 4×4 rib, but after 8 rounds I had two needles of pink/purple (16 st each) and one needle (24 st) of blue/purple. I wasn’t getting pooling, I was getting vertical segregation! I can be OK with pooling in some instances, but this was goofy looking. So I ripped. Last night while paging through Vogue Stitchionary 2: Cables I found “zig and zag” (#10), and I thought the twisted stitches might fix the color segregation problem. I think it might be working. It appears to be spiraling the hot pink; it’s on all three needles. I’m keeping my fingers metaphorically crossed.


Last Friday I tried the Lenten Rose pattern from Sundara’s Petal Collections while watching Monk and Psych. That proved a mistake. After two repeats of the pattern I wondered why it didn’t look like Sundara’s picture. My double YO eyelets did not line up like Sundara’s. So I ripped. I tried again last night. I think this time I got it right. It helped for me to chart the pattern!?! That is so unlike me, I don’t know what to think of that, so I’m just knitting instead.


The Fleece Artist Parrot (guacamole) sock is waiting patiently for my hair appointment on Saturday afternoon. I’ve promised to work on it then, and get it done very soon.

10 thoughts on “Swamped”

  • pretty scarf!! i bet it’s soooo soft! i hate when work cuts into knitting time… i mean who do they think they are? paying the bills?? honestly 😉

  • I still have one sock made from the Lenten Rose yarn. I had started two TOFUtsies socks on one circ, but they were too loose on 2.5mm needles. I ripped them out and started over. I think we have the same color yarn. It distracted me from finishing the toe of my my second Monkey sock.

  • Beautiful textural colors in this entry!

    You know, I love the colors of the Tofutsies I’ve seen at the yarn store, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to buy any. It has a strange feel to it. I’d be curious to know how it washes and wears!

  • How many socks do you have going on right now?? Possibly more than me – wow! 😀 I like the scarf pattern and the colors in the Tofutsies.

  • It definitely looks like those colors are working well now. I need to get some more socks on the needles. I have my second Pomatomus at the bottom of my basket right now b/c I have lost the Pomatomi mojo. Maybe I need another sock to pick me up.

  • Yay for lots of socks on the needles! I see you are quite adept at keeping the boredom of knitting a single project at bay. Can’t wait to see those Parrot socks!

  • Ooh, I really like the Tofutsies. Wasn’t there an article in Interweave Knits about trying to line up the repeats, I think for a scarf. Kind of cool you had that on your socks. But I would’ve ripped it out like you did….

  • What a gorgeous scarf, and your picture is really beautiful, too. I find it so difficult to get artistic pictures of my knitting.

    Your grandmother will surely love it!

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