I did it. Finally.

I finally successfully “Kitchenered” the toe of a sock (you thought I was going to talk about the Landscape shawl–that’s waiting for a nice daylight photo-op). I have grafted the toes before, but have usually ended up with some loop I can’t do anything with except hide on the inside. There was also the time I ended up with a beautiful row of purl bumps (3 attempts), when I swear I was doing stockinette grafting. This time I was determined to get it right. I went to the Knitty Kitchener tutorial and followed the big pictures for every stitch. The test subject was the first Fleece Artist Merino Parrot sock.


The result isn’t perfect, mostly because I kept fussing with it, but it is grafted with no extra loops (or knots!), and the grafting is stockinette. Mission accomplished.

I usually don’t graft because I do a variety of pointed toes that I have learned from several of Nancy Bush’s excellent sock patterns. I intended that with these socks, but I knit the foot rather longer than I planned, so it was graft the toe or rip back. I have pointy feet so a pointed toe is a good choice. I also generally choose a square or Dutch heel because my heel is pretty square shaped. While the rest of me is all curves, my feet chose to be all angles.

I am eager to start my pink sweater, however, M’s parents are visiting us this weekend en route to a 10-day cruise among the Hawaiian Islands (retirement is a real killer). I need to dust, tidy, and bake a chocolate cake. This is a recipe to die for. It is very easy, and sensationally delicious. The only drawback is the requirement for 2 10-inch cake pans (no cake pan sizes are not easily interchangeable). M’s Dad has lost most of his sense of taste, but he can still taste chocolate, so chocolate he will get! However, this limits my knitting time. I think I shall concentrate on my socks and other UFOs, and I’ll cast on for the sweater next week. I also have a lot of swatching for learning purposes and my periwinkle sweater to contemplate. So much to knit!

Well, it is time here to watch House and then Boston Legal and do a little sock knitting.

16 thoughts on “I did it. Finally.”

  • Great job on the grafting! It looks perfect!

    Yum, chocolate cake… Probably one of the things I miss the most since developing celiac disease *sigh*…

  • Congratulations on a successful kitchener! I used to be so nervous as my knitting got closer to the toe of the sock. Now it’s not such a big deal. It gets easier and more intuitive.

    OMG. I watched House last night and the tapeworm thing just about got me. *shudder*

  • The kitchener thing took me forever to figure out and I still need to look at a diagram as a reminder while I’m doing it. Yours is very well done!!!

  • Isn’t mastering the Kitchener stitch fun? I just love how the live stitches magically graft into eachother with no visible seam.

    Your chocolate cake sounds really tasty, too!

  • YES! I get those perfect purl bumps whenever I try to graft, too. I’ve never heard of that happening to anybody else! So I also stick to the lovely non-grafted Nancy Bush toes. My favorite is her old-style star toe, the one in Folk Socks. I particularly like that one because it works with any stitch count that’s divisible by 4, and you don’t have to count any rows, either. 😉

  • Must try Kitchener on a toe…since I do toe up construction, haven’t needed it, but would love to try one of Nancy Bush’s patterns, so should try cuff-down and kitchener!

    Thank you for “discovering my blog!” Nice to meetcha!

  • I too often have a problem with the random loop at the end. I thought I was the only one that happened to!

    Now I must go find some chocolate cake. . . .

  • Wow, I so relate to your excitement over successful kitchener-ing! The first time I got it right I just about did a dance. I still have a hard time with it though, so I think it’s time to learn toe up socks.

  • I always fudge my kitchner stitch bind off… never fails; I just do it good enough to hold my toes in the sock. That’s why I have become so intrigued by short-rowing things… only prob with short-row is it seems somehow thinner and less fortified than other heel/toe constructions. I still absolutely adore that yarn.

  • It took me a while to get the kitchener. Yours looks great.

    I LOVE House. He’s just such a great character and Hugh Laurie is just so good.

  • I just executed my first successful Kitchener about a week ago. Feels good, doesn’t it? Although it’s a lot of work for something that resides in a shoe.

  • beautiful sock! love the yarn, too.

    mmm, house…i adore hugh laurie. i have such a soft spot for a good curmudgeon…

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