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Month: June 2007

Wednesday WIP Concerto

Wednesday WIP Concerto

Before we begin this Wednesday WIP Concerto in the Key of K silent, the WIPs would like you to know that the photos are lousy because I had a very late day at work and arrived home after sunset (yes, it is just a couple […]

Fiberlicious Friday: Dinner and Dessert

I liked Megan’s idea for Fiberlicious Fridays (yarn posed as food), that I tried my poor hand at it while M made real dinner. Megan’s even set up a Flickr group. This was a good exercise for me because all of these yarns are from […]

Yarn Therapy

I blog about my knitting because that makes me happy. I read and comment on other knitters’ blogs because that makes me happy too. If I were to go into the reasons why I wasn’t able to finish my wimple or do any sock knitting this week, why I have 100+ unread messages on my Google Reader, I would become unhappy (actually unhappier as I really wanted to finish the wimple). Therefore, we will look at yarn for future socks. Looking at sock yarn makes me happy.

Claudia’s Hand Paints in Chocolate Cherry and Lorna’s Laces in Mother Lode.

The 80+ year old lady that asked me to knit her a pair of socks said she likes browns with reds. The Chocolate Cherry from Claudia’s Hand Painted looks the perfect choice to me. Since these socks are all about comfort and ease of wear, I intend to do a very simple 2×2 rib for the cuff and a stockinette foot.

My friend Nancy likes the socks I knit her for her birthday last year (her birthday is in July and I finished the socks in October–I’m hoping to improve on that this year). During cold weather, she wears them every week. This information led me to believe she would welcome a second pair this year. Nancy likes jewel tone colors. Lorna’s Laces in Mother Lode has the colors of amethyst, rubelite and citrine–a trifecta of jewels. Now for a pattern–stretchy but no holes (she’s a native Californian and actually gets cold during the “winter” season).

Now let’s look at sock yarn for me!
Online Tropic Color 928 and Dream in Color Smooshy Happy Forest (#150).

I always have to have a ball of self-striping sock yarn in stash for yarn therapy emergencies. The Regia Surf I am currently knitting was my penultimate self-striping yarn, so I bought the very happy Tropic Color from Online. In August M and I will fly to Wisconsin to visit family, and this may be the yarn for air travel sock knitting.

Finally, when Simply Sock Yarn Company announced they had Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn, I had to check it out. I am a sucker for green, and Happy Forest insisted I buy it. It’s a generous 450 yd skein, so it shall be made into a magical pair of socks. I am contemplating a pattern of my own devising, which I tentatively refer to as “Mullions.” But that’s all I’m going to say about that for now. It is very smooshy yarn. The yarn was right to insist I buy it.

Well, I am feeling a little happier, and I am going to finish my wimple this week come Hell or High Water. I have only half a repeat to go. I hope this post has been therapeutic for you too. Now I shall continue my therapy with an M concocted cocktail. He hasn’t given any hints as to which cocktail he will concoct, but I’m sure it will be tasty.

May we all have a good week!

ETA:  Check out Cocktails with M to see what cocktail M concocted!   I liked it.

Small Projects Abound

Small Projects Abound

I hope everyone has had a good week and weekend. I have been very busy at work in a good way. Evenings were short due to long work hours and I had the choice of blogging or knitting. I chose knitting, which makes me a […]

Two of a Kind = One Pair

Two of a Kind = One Pair

Thank you to everyone who wished me well during my migraine episode! I really appreciated every single, kind comment. I have been headache free since Friday morning. This means that Sunday I was able to accomplish this: Lately, everywhere I look on the knitting blogs […]

Not the Best Week…

Not the Best Week…

I think we can all agree that three migraines in one week requires a mandatory downgrade from good week to “I survived” week. It also wasn’t the best week for knitting. I didn’t knit on a single sock. But I did want to have something to knit that didn’t require a lot of thinking and didn’t use dpns. The Habu silk, which won’t be socks but a scarf from VLT, seemed too much a challenge. But I did have a yen for lace, easy lace. A blog post of Beth’s set me onto the right project for my fragile brain. I don’t remember the post, as her idea wasn’t the main topic, but she mentioned wanting to knit a smokering. I knew I had a pattern for one of those, called a wimple in the pattern I had, that was in the Japanese Feather lace motif from BW#2. I scoured my downloaded knitting patterns file and found it from Caryll Designs: the Wavy Feather Wimple. Perfect. Caryll used 75/25 Quiviut/Merino-Silk from her online shop, which having fondled quiviut, I knew would be divine but I wanted to knit NOW. So I cast-on in Fleece Artist Merino in Ruby.

Japanese Feather Wimple

I used a US 5 needle, whereas the pattern calls for US6 if using fingering weight, but I didn’t have a 16″ size 6 circular needle, so I added an extra repeat. It’s a very easy lace pattern, but it is very pretty, and I think the size will be OK. It looks rather blobby in the photo above, but it’s lace on a circular needle. It’s also a nice size project to knit during warmer weather.

So this project makes me optimistic, although I remain a bit leery concerning the whole headache issue. I get migraines in clusters, and the last on Thursday was a doozy, which often marks the end of a cluster. Keep your needles crossed!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!