Small Projects Abound

I hope everyone has had a good week and weekend. I have been very busy at work in a good way. Evenings were short due to long work hours and I had the choice of blogging or knitting. I chose knitting, which makes me a boring blogger, but at least today I have some progress to show. Right now, everything on my needles is a small project, and there are quite a few of them. Here’s what saw some knitting time this past week.

2 repeats
Two repeats of the Japanese Feather Wimple done. Julia is using this lace pattern for a lovely top she is designing. On her post it is much easier to see what the lace pattern looks like when not smushed up on a 16-inch circular. Two more repeats to go.

Fuschia bag
The bottom and 1/3-of the sides of a tote to be fulled/felted. The yarn is Lambs Pride Bulky in Fuschia. This bag is easy to knit, but the finishing techniques (laddering down 48 rows and then using a crochet hook to work back up 2-stitches together for sharper corners) and the fulling will be new for me. The yarn sticks to the bamboo needles (US 13s), so after a few rounds I want to put it down for a rest.

Pacific Sock the First
One Regia Cotton Surf sock in Pacific is done. The rib pattern is the Oak Rib Sock from Vintage Socks. I finished this Saturday evening and debated casting on the second sock. I have some gift socks to make, and I think I’ll want the needle size I used here, which is of course the only set I have in that size (3 mm). So, after making fun of the single sock revolutionaries, I may become one. But the socks are for a the very nice, 80+ year old lady who hosts the book club I belong to, and she thought it would be the most wonderful thing if I were to knit her a pair of socks. I can eat a lot of humble pie for that.

Finally, what would a post be from Molecular Knitting without a Rib and Cable Sock Variation? Pretty lame. I started Variation 2 in Black Bunny Fibers superwash merino, color Aquamarine. Scrumptious is not too strong a word for this yarn.
6-stitch left crossing uneven cable
That cable is an “Uneven Cable” according to Ms. Walker. She claims this is an archaic or ancient form of the standard rope cable. For this left crossing cable, transfer 4 stitches to a cn and leave at the front of the work, K2, K4 from cn. Why “ancient” knitters didn’t start with even cables, Ms. Walker doesn’t say. The rib on this pair of socks is “beaded” in that the middle of the 3-stitches is garter stitch. A new cable, a new rib, a new variation. All is good in my sock knitting world.

Happy Knitting!

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