Not the Best Week…

I think we can all agree that three migraines in one week requires a mandatory downgrade from good week to “I survived” week. It also wasn’t the best week for knitting. I didn’t knit on a single sock. But I did want to have something to knit that didn’t require a lot of thinking and didn’t use dpns. The Habu silk, which won’t be socks but a scarf from VLT, seemed too much a challenge. But I did have a yen for lace, easy lace. A blog post of Beth’s set me onto the right project for my fragile brain. I don’t remember the post, as her idea wasn’t the main topic, but she mentioned wanting to knit a smokering. I knew I had a pattern for one of those, called a wimple in the pattern I had, that was in the Japanese Feather lace motif from BW#2. I scoured my downloaded knitting patterns file and found it from Caryll Designs: the Wavy Feather Wimple. Perfect. Caryll used 75/25 Quiviut/Merino-Silk from her online shop, which having fondled quiviut, I knew would be divine but I wanted to knit NOW. So I cast-on in Fleece Artist Merino in Ruby.

Japanese Feather Wimple

I used a US 5 needle, whereas the pattern calls for US6 if using fingering weight, but I didn’t have a 16″ size 6 circular needle, so I added an extra repeat. It’s a very easy lace pattern, but it is very pretty, and I think the size will be OK. It looks rather blobby in the photo above, but it’s lace on a circular needle. It’s also a nice size project to knit during warmer weather.

So this project makes me optimistic, although I remain a bit leery concerning the whole headache issue. I get migraines in clusters, and the last on Thursday was a doozy, which often marks the end of a cluster. Keep your needles crossed!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

13 thoughts on “Not the Best Week…”

  • I hope that was the last of the migraines. I don’t get them but I do know that they are the WORST. Your knitting is gorgeous!

  • thanks for your comment on my blog – I have no idea what that colour is called and have now thrown away the bands. It’s a greeny-blue/ teal. I do know that dye-lot varies a lot, so you’d be lucky to get that shade again.

  • Brenda- I feel your pain- literally, my headache has lasted all week.
    But that’s beautiful yarn and a nice project. Hopefully that will take your mind off it.

    Feel better, okay?

  • Oh, you poor thing! 🙁 My boss suffers terribly from migraines, to the point that we sometimes find her curled up on the floor under her desk. Awful stuff, and I’m sorry you’re afflicted.

    I am eager to start my smoke ring–the pattern is right here on the coffee table, tempting me. I said I’d finish Hyrna first, though… but last night I discovered a big, stupid error that will require ripping back several rows. Argh. I may just set her aside for a bit and start the smoke ring anyway… the thought of all that ripping makes me feel faint!

  • Ugh! I hope you’re feeling better! I’ve got one coming on today…

    Would you believe me if I told you I also have that shade of FA?! We have excellent taste!

  • I hope that you had a lovely, pain-free weekend to recover! Here’s hoping that the coming week is a significant improvement!

  • I hope you are feeling better! I occasionally get migraines (although not as often as you, it appears), so I understand how miserable they are. The smoke ring/wimple looks great so far! What a rich, beautiful color!

  • Oh Brenda, I hope that’s the last one for a long while! I know how awful they can be.
    What a gorgeous “simple lace knit” you have there – the red is so pretty…!
    (I’m actually a little surprised the color didn’t bother your head! lolol)

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