New Digs or Why I haven’t been blogging

New Digs or Why I haven’t been blogging

M and I bought a house. We moved to a neighboring city (about 7 miles from our old rental) to a lovely neighborhood. This has kept us rather busy for the past couple of months, but we are finally beginning to settle in. We had a month to pack, and we donated and got rid of what seemed like mountains of things, but when it came time to move, man, we had a lot of stuff. 13 years of marriage and 12 years in one residence can do that. But here are some before and after pics from the new house.

Family Room before
Can you find Harriet, my mannequin head in all the mess?
Family Room after
Dining room before
Dining Room after
Library before
Library after

M has a lawn to mow for the first time that doesn’t belong to his parents or their neighbors. He seems to really like the mower, and today he got an edger.
M mowing the lawn

But some things never change:
Boulevardier cocktail. A negroni made with bourbon instead of gin. Delicious, and it looks so pretty on the hearth.


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