Some sweater knitting

I have been able to do some sweater knitting without my elbow bothering me! My elbow still bothers me somewhat, but other than hurting if I try to pick up something weighing more than 12-15 pounds, the ache seems to be random and transient. So, I have been knitting Leaflet by Cecily Glowik MacDonald from Knitty First Fall 2011. My parents gave me the Quince and Co. Osprey yarn in Cypress for Christmas (Osprey is the yarn specified in the pattern and totally wonderful).
Cypress Leaflet: WIP
I really love this rich green, and since I feel obliged to knit leaf motifs in an actual, possible leaf color, for me Cypress was a good choice. I only have around 14 rows left in the body, and then a bunch of ribbing around the edges. Ms. MacDonald knit her Leaflet in a brilliant autumn orange, but people ask me if I am feeling well if I wear orange near my face, so I went with the green.
However, a little orange on my feet never did any harm; I can get my foot up to my face, but I don’t do that in public unless it is at a yoga class, and then I am barefoot. I started the Rubus suberectus sock from Hunter Hammersen’s new book, The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet. It has some beautiful patterns both for socks and accessories each inspired by an antique botanical print, hence the Latin genus and species names for the patterns.
Rubus suberectus sock: cuff
I love the coral color of this yarn, which I can’t find the ball band for right this second, but I do know that it was dyed with a natural dye and the fiber is a merino/bamboo blend. For added stretch, I knit the top part of the cuff (to the 2nd welt) on larger needles, which I think will look much better when my leg is actually in the sock.
My poor other sock WIPs have been languishing, but it is several months until wool sock wearing weather, so I do not share their upset.
To close, I have to show you this photo I took of a sunset a couple of weeks ago. I was expecting all the clouds to turn brilliant reds and golds, but that was not to be. But I like the mood of what did happen.
Sunset with clouds
I started to expect Sauron or Voldemort to come flying out of the sunset with their evil minions in tow. Luckily, the sky just got dark, and I went in where M had prepared a delicious dinner.

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