Block and Swatch Weekend

I have blocked my Guernsey Wrap, which was to come out at 17 x 74 inches. I got 17 x 73.5. Blocking wires are a wonderful thing.

I also blocked my Celtic Cable Neckwarmer, which has an “error” in the middle repeat (repeated some rows), but I’ve decided that is fine. I found the error just before doing the ribbing at the end with the buttonholes; no way was I ripping back.

I also swatched for 2 sweater projects, and I washed the swatches and left them to dry to see how washing affected the gauge.

On top is Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Sport in Star Sapphire, and on the bottom is Classic Elite Classic Silk in navy.
The classic silk gave me correct gauge after washing, so I went ahead and cast on (the color is truer in the swatch).

I think I may have entered a blue period.

6 thoughts on “Block and Swatch Weekend”

  • Wow, the Guernsey Wrap is epic, isn’t it?! And I can’t see any cabling mistakes, so… 🙂

    You might be onto something re: the blue period.

  • The projects you’re blocking are beautiful! I agree with Chris….that wrap is epic! It’s huge! Seems like it must have taken a long time to knit. How wonderful it will be to wrap yourself up in it after all the time and love you put into it!

  • Your Guernsey Wrap is gorgeous! I love the way it’s both geometric and lacy. I also don’t see any mistake with the cabling, so it’s a good thing you didn’t bother to rip back. Isn’t it strange how it seems like you go through periods of using a single color a lot? I am currently using lots of purple/pink/lavender yarns myself. I love the richness of your color choices!

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