Bad Elbow = Reading – Knitting + Crows + Cocktails

The little knit top I was knitting in Classic Silk did a number on my elbow, and tendonitis has flared. I haven’t knit in over 1o days, and that is very sad. I think my elbow is slowly improving. I can’t stop using it entirely, as then I couldn’t work, brush my teeth or drink a cocktail (actually glasses of water are much heavier than cocktails).

I think once it heals up some, I shall try to knit the second sock of this pair, which I have knit on wooden needles (Harmony dpns from Knitpicks). The wood slows me down a bit compared to my nickel-plated favorites, and my grip must loosen, or I would break them. In any event, I love this sock with its stripyness and its BFL wool (which I can’t find the ball band for at this time, but I will by the time I finish).
Winesap socks: sock 1

I have been doing a lot of reading (very easy on the elbow), and I owe thanks to the people who recommended I read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy and John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War, when I requested good space opera titles to read. If you are a reader and are on Goodreads, look me up there! I know I am already friends on Goodreads with several of you, and I have gotten very good suggestions from your reading. Old Man’s War is great fun; I highly recommend it if you like science fiction (or just like a great adventure story). I still need to write my review for Goodreads, but I am giving it 5 stars.

At this time of year, parking in the tree-shaded parking lots at work is a hazard if you leave after sunset. The crows fly into town every evening to roost in the trees. It’s quite a site (and noisy!). I took this photo parked in the middle of a lane, and I hoped nothing flying over my head felt the need to relieve itself. They start at the top and work their way down (pays to be the early bird), so those trees are just starting to be filled.
crows in trees at dusk

Also at this time of year, the narcissus are in bloom!

Finally, M and I continue to try new cocktails. The Diabolo was quite tasty (rum, Cointreau, dry vermouth and Angostura bitters).

6 thoughts on “Bad Elbow = Reading – Knitting + Crows + Cocktails”

  • I hope your elbow heals quickly! πŸ™

    I can just imagine how loud those trees full of crows are. Flashback to The Birds ever? πŸ˜‰

  • Ugh, sorry about your elbow. I’ve had that problem before and it’s frustrating!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying scifi! I just finished reading Embassytown, which I thought was fantastic, and not as long as a lot of my other favorite scifi books πŸ™‚

    Those crows are amazing.

  • Sorry about your tendinitis . . . what a pain! (Yes. I crack myself up.) Hope you’re back to your usual knitting pursuits soon. (I LOVE your last photo — of the cocktails. Great shot!)

  • Sorry to hear about your elbow. πŸ™ Hopefully, some good books and cocktails will set things right. I love the sound of Diabolo. My husband is from the country where Angostura bitters are made so we have at least 3 bottles! This sounds like a tasty way to use some up. ;)’

    The sock looks great! Bright colors seem appropriate for spring.

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