The Secret Passion of the Cat Katrina

While we were in Wisconsin, Labor Day happened. Mom decided on bratwurst and sweet corn for dinner. So after a trip to a local vendor for picked-that-morning sweet corn, she left it for Dad to shuck. He told me I’d want to watch, as Katrina, their tabby cat, would be very involved. A bit perplexed, I brought my camera with me.
Dad shucking corn
Dad looks pretty normal, but you can see he has his eye on the furry blob, a.k.a Katrina, at the bottom of the photo.
Katrina posing
What are you doing with that camera thingy? There is nothing to see here! Move along!
Katrina and bag
Come out my precious sweet corn!
Katrina spies the corn husks
Yes! All mine! It’s so green and grassy!
Katrina and sweet corn
Why are you showing me that silly, yellow, inner part? That part is useless! You humans are so stupid!
Katrina enjoys the corn husks
Mmmmm! Better than catnip!

She’s a nutty kitty!
Also while we were there, my dad celebrated his birthday. He loves Mars bars with almonds, which are very difficult to find. But thanks to the interwebs, my mom found some and bought him a whole box (it must have weighed a couple of pounds). Dad was happy!
Dad with Mars bars
And the day M and I left, our flight wasn’t until late afternoon, so we took my brother out to lunch at the Caramel Crisp Shop in my hometown, Oshkosh. I really liked the Halloween/autumn candy display over the deli case of healthy salads.
Caramel Crisp display
And here are M and my brother, Thomas, before a tasty lunch.
M and Bunky at Caramel Crisp
You’ll notice that although I have a healthy salad and some soup, they have a Chicago style hot dog and a pork barbecue sandwich and malt. O.K. the molasses cookie was mine.

8 thoughts on “The Secret Passion of the Cat Katrina”

  • We enjoyed your post about Katrina and the corn. She went to the vet today and was the perfect patient. She also got her rabies shot for the year. Yesterday she “caught” a mouse. It was already in the trap and dead, but she brought it upstairs from the basement to show us.

  • LOVE IT! Katrina is too funny…they pick the oddest things to go nuts over. I had a yellow tomcat years ago who would KNOCK YOU OVER if you’d been eating green olives with pimentos in them…he was in such a hurry to get to your MOUTH to smell your breath. Chop those olives up in a sandwich spread and he went bonkers!
    (btw…I think you were very smart to save your calories for the Molasses cookie!)

  • Katrina is adorable — and the look on her face is priceless! Maybe she’s on to something and corn is now crossed with catnip.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a Mars bar with almonds, but now I’m going to think of your dad whenever I see one.

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