A FO for a Redux

You may remember that in July I wrote about the death of my paternal grandmother, Grandma Adeline. You may also remember that in January I posted about my maternal grandmother, Grandma Frances, turning 100 years old on 1/11/11. Well, on August 30th I got a phone call from my mom, saying that Grandma Frances was in a very bad way and there was nothing to be done. She died the next day. The last thing she did before dying, after getting dressed and having breakfast in the dining room because pulmonary edema and failing kidneys were no excuse to change one’s routine, was to laugh. We have to score that a good death. I know she was at peace before she died, and I know that I miss her.

Since she was an avid knitter to the age of 95-96, I wanted to wear something I had knit to her funeral. Recently I had finished the Cleite Shawl by Miriam Felton in some lovely Handmaiden Sea Silk in Blackberry, so I wore that with a fine-gauge cotton sweater in navy. Several people noticed the shawl at the funeral and told me they were pleased to see Grandma Frances’ love of needlework passed down. Everyone was confused about the yarn having seaweed in it. I obviously didn’t take photos that day, but last week, M took these in the field outside our place.
Cleite Shawl: side
Cleite Shawl: front
Cleite Shawl: back
Cleite Shawl in SeaSilk
Cleite Shawl
My pattern notes can be found on my Ravelry project page.

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