Ah, Autumn!
“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;”
Yes, well, my brain doesn’t put it quite like Keats. It wants to know: where is all the daylight going!? It doesn’t like AT ALL the sun rising later and setting sooner. The world IS ending!!!
So, I have some tricks to try to cheer it up. In case you need a little something to cheer yourself up, here is what I find helpful:
Pretty baskets and bowls of sock yarn; they sit there begging me to find or design the perfect pattern:
Bright yarns
fruit bowl of yarn
I’ve even started a sock from the second bowl!

Lisa Lutz’s Spellman family mysteries are hilarious.  The Spellmans live in San Francisco and run a family business of private investigators. They are not above investigating each other, which can make family life interesting to say the least. And Tarquin Hall has started a delightful series set in Delhi, India, featuring Vish Puri, owner and principle investigator of Most Private Investigators, Ltd. The Spellman series should be read in order (The Spellman Files being the first), the Vish Puri mysteries (there are 2 out, my second is on the way!) I don’t think will need to be read in order.

These are very good chocolate bars. Sea salt in chocolate may sound strange, but it is delicious. Try it! You can eat it on a plane or in a train!

What do you do to cheer yourself up?

12 thoughts on “Recommendations”

  • Your basket has some very pretty color yarns in it especially the one in the middle the purple, gold & red I think are the colors.

    During the Fall & Winter months the one thing that can always cheer me up is a big cup of Hot Cocoa.

  • Oh, my – what gorgeous yarns…I can’t keep mine in bowls, The Tonk would have a field day!
    The things that cheer me are all tactile: stroking a cat’s fur, knitting gorgeous yarns – oh well, then there are the visuals: pulling fabrics to make a bag and seeing what POPS!

    And then, of course, like you, CHOCOLATE! (and Merlot)
    hmm…quite a few things, eh?

  • I love those sea salt and dark chocolate bars!! What I’d love to find are bars that don’t have the almonds, but do have the sea salt and don’t have a “may contain wheat” warning on them – the Lindt bars are the only ones I’ve seen and they are not safe for celiacs.

  • That yarn really does look cheerful! I grew up in the cold northern climate of Wisconsin, so the southern California winter doesn’t really phase me much. Although, new yarn always makes me happy, and holiday decorating at this time of year is lots of fun. 🙂

    Your suggestions of good books and chocolate seem like definite winners!

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