Making it up as I go along…

The gist is I want to knit a pullover with this cable motif (just the central part) going down the center front:
Swatch for midnight cable pullover
Pretty cable that looks like a river knit in midnight blue. Very nice. But it has to come out right at the neckline or it will look dorky. Not nice. Knitting top down would solve that problem, as there is a little more leeway ending at the bottom.

Have never knit a top down sweater. Should practice. Jewels by Amy King (Rav link) in the Early Fall 2010 Knitty is perfect! No long sleeves to drag through my experiments! It’s a cardigan so easy-on-easy-off depending on if working at my desk (Siberia) or the cell culture room (the Australian Outback)! I have yarn from deep stash! I love knitting from deep stash! So many exclamatory sentences make this a must knit.
Lamb's Pride Bulky in Raspberry
Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Raspberry. The color looks perfect on my screen. Apple Aperture ROCKS.

All is rosy until I get to the correct number of front and back stitches. Both sleeves are 2 stitches short. Cannot see any forgotten increases. Plus sleeve is way too narrow to go around my “meaty” arm. Also, the overall length is too short for separating body from sleeves (pattern says I should be one inch longer). So I’m going to increase just the sleeves by 4 stitches, and I hope that will get me a full enough sleeve opening (gauge is 3 spi) and get me to the right length.
Garnets: WIP
I can’t think why that would be a problem, but then I’ve never knit something this way.

But I’m supposed to be a good problem solver.

I guess we’ll find out…

9 thoughts on “Making it up as I go along…”

  • Such a pretty color! The best thing about top-down is . . . trying it on as you go, so you should be able to problem-solve your way to a great-fitting sweater! Have fun – and can’t wait to see it finished.

  • Fabulous cables and cool yarn colors. As long as you can try it on as you go and adjust accordingly, you should be good to go – can’t wait to see it finished!

  • Brenda- I was skeptical at first, but if you think about it, it does make sense. I’ve done a few top-downs, and I’m a convert.

    And… you can wear it in Siberia and the Outback.

  • You try it once and decide if you like it. Top down doesn’t have enough structure in the right places for me, but I still make plenty of them and add structure later with faut seams. I love that when you’re done, you’re really done!

  • What a cute pattern and that yarn color is really nice! (continuing with the exclamation point theme) Your description does sound a bit complicated, but since you’re a good problem solver I’m sure it will turn out fine. 🙂

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