At long last a FO! Corvid Frost Diamonds

Sorry to be gone for so long! Let’s just call this the summer of 4 work projects and 4 zillion headaches (both of which are easing up) and move on.

What to do when you finish a great lace project during the rainy season? Wait until June to block it. Then what to do when modeling it requires wearing BFL wool and a cool day is 85? Go to San Francisco!
Approaching Golden Gate Bridge
That looks more like shawl weather!
M and I headed to San Francisco to see some French Impressionism shows, and the forecast was for fog and a high in the upper 50s. So my Frost Diamonds Shawl that I knit earlier this year came along to be photographed.

It’s a pleasure to wear. Stephanie Japel, the designer, claimed the raglan shaping would keep the shawl on the shoulders, and she did not tell a lie. It’s a square with a slit from from the center to a corner, or in other words, it’s like knitting two triangular shawls at once, so there are 4 triangles. It stays on walking, standing or sitting with no ends flopping around:
Corvid Diamond Shawl: walking
Corvid Diamond Shawl: standing
Corvid Diamond Shawl: seated
Corvid Diamond Shawl: wing
The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Sport in Corvid from the Raven Series. This was wonderful yarn to knit with! A little bit of luster, some wooliness, but still so soft. And the colorway is to die for! Below is the best representation of how rich the colors are:
Corvid Diamonds Shawl: true colors
And the lace stitch detail looks fabulous in this yarn–crisp but still nice drape.
Corvid Diamond Shawl: detail
I knit one more repeat of the main chart and two (I think) more repeats of the edging than the pattern called for. Even though the pattern called for worsted weight yarn, and this is “sportweight” albeit a heavy one, I used the size 10 needles called for, and I liked the result.

I think this shawl has become my favorite project so far.

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