Summer on the Needles

After finishing two FOs with wintry colors and themes (FO posts coming soon!), I’ve found myself with summery colors on the needles. For example, these socks remind me of corn on the cob:
Corn on the Cob Sock: cuff
That is Handmaiden Casbah sock yarn (with 10% cashmere!) and I love it. It may be the best sock yarn I’ve ever knit with. The colorway is Dandelion. The pattern (free!) is Pablo Deep by The Knitting Pixie (Rav link). It’s easy and enjoyable, but I am dividing for the heel flap differently than the pattern. The above photo is as the pattern dictates (2 repeats front, 2 back), I want to divide with one repeat centered down the front flanked by two half repeats as shown below.
Corn on the Cob Sock: modify
This sock is the start of a Christmas pair for M’s grandmother. The color, self-striping from Berroco, reminds me of a summer sky.
Grandma Weiss Christmas Socks: 2010
Finally, I started Cleite from Miriam Felton (Rav link) with a 150 g skein of Sea Silk I had in Blackberry.
Cleite: WIP
Cleite was an Amazon warrior, and the lace motif looks like spearheads:
Cleite: pattern detail
So I knit blackberry-colored yarn, but M takes REAL blackberries and makes Kir Royale cocktails and homemade blackberry sorbet.
Kir Royales and blackberry sorbet
He’s a keeper.
Happy Knitting!

8 thoughts on “Summer on the Needles”

  • I really like what you’re planning to do with the heel of that beautiful sock. If I get to it at some point, I’d do the exact same thing.

    Oh, and the blackberry concoctions look delicious!

  • Yummy blackberry anything is delicious he is surely a keeper. I agree with you on the color of the sock yarn reminding you or corn on the cob with specks of spices lol thinking about corn & blackberries has me hungry now lol.

    The shawl is gorgeous & has been added to my cart for later purchase lol. I love the color yarn you used it really made the pattern pop.

  • Lovely projects, all — but I must profess my affinity for the sorbet. Mmmmmm. If it tasted half as wonderful as it looked. . . you had a wonderful treat!

  • I agree that your change to dividing for the heal is really nice. I love all the colors, especially the blackberry for the shawl.

    Those drinks and sorbet made me literally start salivating. I must get out my ice cream maker!

  • Mmmm, blackberry sorbet…

    I’ve got the Pablo Deep pattern in my queue as well. I love the mod you’re making to the heel! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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