The Hunt for Strawberry Red

I’ve wanted to knit the Child’s French Sock from Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush for forever. I tried knitting them in Amethyst from Cherry Tree Hill. Wrong color. I nearly cast on in Malabrigo Impressionist Skies (medium blue) and Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Pine (med-dark green), but I realized that they were the wrong colors too. I wanted Strawberry Red, and I couldn’t find it. I found scarlet, vermillion, crimson, barn red, apple red, Christmas red, rosy-red, orange-red, you name it. But not stawberry red: a true but soft red.

Then a few weeks ago, M called me at work from the chair lift he was riding while taking the day off to ski. He was having a wonderful time. The weather and skiing were glorious! I went shopping at Sundara Yarn. And there it was: Confessions! Confessions! a.k.a. strawberry red. I bought it (and perhaps some other colors too) and waited for it to arrive. It looked good. And then I waited for the strawberries to come in to compare.

How do you think I did?
Stawberries and sock yarn
Child's French Sock with strawberry

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