Socks 2010: March is a done deal

Well, M is back safe and sound, but while he was gone last week, I did get quite a bit done. Most importantly my March socks are completed.
2010 Socks: March: Roger
To review, these are Roger Socks from Knitspot (Rav link) knit in some 100% BFL wool dyed by Little Dog Designs (which only lists merino sock yarn now). She called the colorway Poseidon. The BFL doesn’t have the sproing and bounce of merino, but I really like the feel of it and how it knits up. In The Knitter’s Book of Wool, Clara Parkes points out the BFL takes dye beautifully, and I agree, plus there is a definite luster.

As for the pattern, like all Knitspot patterns, it is very well written. Anne designed the Roger Sock for a guy named Roger, and it is a good pattern for a male sock. However, in the brighter colors here, I think it makes a nice tailored sock for a woman too. The only mods I made was to have 3 garter stitch edges to the heel flap and to knit the foot at 60 not 64 st. I knit 4.5 repeats for the foot, and when I knit this again, I should only knit 4 repeats and a couple rounds plain. I grafted the toes at 24 stitches, and the socks are a wee bit long over the little toes. The stitch pattern was easy but not boring, similar to Cookie A’s Monkey sock in complexity and ease of memorization.
Roger Sock: detail
One evening, I went out to take some sunset photos at the field next to our building. I had that feeling I was being watched, and sure enough I was:
Holstein Kitty spying
I spy a neighborhood kitty! And in the cropped image below, readers of mine familiar with dairy farms, will understand why I refer to him/her as Holstein Kitty.
Holstein Kitty
Holstein Kitty doesn’t let me get close, but it does meow at me, and I’ll meow back. After we got bored staring at each other, Holstein Kitty went out into the field, no doubt to hunt field mice, and I took some photos of the sunset. The colors weren’t spectacular, but the multiple layers of clouds were pretty cool.
Sunset, Davis, CA, March 24, 2010
18 mm, f22, ISO 200, 1/13 sec

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