Another Green Hat

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes concerning my sciatica. I start PT on December 5, which was the earliest possible date: Ain’t American health care grand! At least it is not painful, just numb and sluggish.

Meanwhile, I have finished the second attempt at a dark green skiing hat for my SIL. From my previous post, you may remember that the first was too small.  This time I made the pattern up based upon a knit-in-the-round gauge swatch. Her head is 22″ around, and the hat should be 19.5″ around unstretched. I blocked it over a 21″ inch around bowl (the ribbing hung past the edge and wasn’t really stretched), and it is not tight on my 23.5″ head (yes, I have a strangely large head, and no, it didn’t make me smarter). I believe my exact words to M were, “This one is going to be too *(&$^% big!” He disagrees, and he says she will love it (he is not a stupid man). We’ll see.  As he pointed out, she does have “curly, big” hair, and I have “straight, small” hair.
Teresa's Hat
I was quite pleased with myself for doing the decreases every other round as P2tog to continue the detail of the seed stitch stripes.  And the Wool of the Andes had only one knot in 1.3 skeins, and I was happy to knit with it.  I also liked the subtle monochromatic color changes from the kettle dying.
Teresa's Hat detail

I do hope it fits! That was the last of my Christmas knitting and my 13th FO of 2008. Of those 13 FOs, 5 were for me and 8 for other people. I think this may explain why I don’t have a hat, scarf (that matches my new, smaller coat), and not even a week’s worth of handknit socks. I’m knitting for me for a while! I am almost done with the seaming on MY grey tweed pullover. I finished the knitting and the neckband and then completely forgot about it for 3 or so weeks. And my Malabrigo neckwarmer has become a scarf; it was too confining at neckwarmer length, so since I hadn’t even finished the first of two balls of yarn, I decided to knit it long enough for a scarf.

The sock knitting hasn’t been going very well, but I am retrenching and will discuss that in a later post. But to end on a happy note, I did find this very pretty sock yarn at our local farmer’s market from Fiber Confections. The lady was very nice to talk to. She had several different yarns, the base of this one seems identical to Lorna’s Laces. I don’t think it is from her sheep.
Fiber Confection's Sock Yarn
Fiber Confection sock yarn

17 thoughts on “Another Green Hat”

  • It’s a lovely hat!! *fingers crossed* that it fits. And pretty sock yarn, too.

    The very best thing for my sciatica has been stretching. Hopefully the PT can show you some good ones so you can do your own maintenance.

  • I’m sure the hat will be fine, particularly if she has “bigger” hair. It looks gorgeous! You definitely need to knit more for yourself. I am a big supporter of selfish knitting. 😉 Love the sock yarn, what beautiful colors!

  • Brenda, your decreases are a brilliant way to add a little texture detail. Look for blatant re-appropriation in the future 😉

    I agree that the WOTA has subtle beauty. I think she’ll love it!

  • The new hat is lovely! I’m sure that it will be fine. I understand the sock malaise, as I’ve got it too. Your new yarn is very pretty though, and I hope it helps you recover!

  • I have curly and big hair, and trust me – we love our hats to fit comfortably, and not tight! I’m sure it’ll work out perfectly.

    And if that sock yarn colourway doesn’t help take your mind off the sciatica (ew! bummer! 🙁 ), I don’t know what will.

  • What a beautiful hat! And make sure to post pics of the Malabrigo scarf. I have some of that yarn and will eventually make a scarf for me out of it. I live in FL so its not really a NEED for it, but it’s gorgeous yarn and I’ll just have to spend time out in the cooler nights to wear it!

    and love that new sock yarn! I think that’s the next one to use for some socks.

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