A Small but Luscious WIP

Malabrigo worsted weight.  Brioche stitch.  Cables.  Neckwarmer.  Need I say more?
Malabrigo Brioche Neckwarmer WIP
That’s Glacier Malabrigo, which I got from Karen. It’s very soft and pretty. When knit in brioche stitch, it’s downright sqooshy. The cables are just an added bonus. The pattern is Brioche Moebius from Janet Szabo’s Winter 2006 Twists and Turns. However, I am making a narrower version (3 not 5 cables wide), and I won’t be making the moebius. Janet designed it as a moebius scarf to drape over the head in lieu of a hat–the fabric is entirely reversible. I want a neckwarmer. So, I’ve decided to knit it long enough to cross and then button in front. This means I have to learn how to make button loops at the end of the scarf (crochet a chain?), and I’ll have to find buttons. With just a small JoAnns, that could be a tough job. Any advice on button loops and online button resources I’d be happy to receive!
Brioche stitch is a blast to knit, and I love how the cables curve the edge of the scarf. This baby is thick too.
I’ll be toasty warm when back in Wisconsin and Illinois for the holidays.  Maybe we’ll even get down to freezing here one early morning in December or January, and I’ll be able to wear it with a sweater outside.  I know, that’s just unnecessary bragging.

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  • Nice… I’ve always been curious about Brioche Stitch. And, I’m pretty sure I have that issue of Twists and Turns as well, so maybe I should have another look.

  • Brenda, you certainly do justice to the yarn! How funny that we’re both working on gray, cabley neckwarmers, though I have no doubt yours will be finished ahead of mine. Even with teh chunky yarn, I am a slow knitter 🙂

  • Oh, it looks lovely and squooshy! I’m HORRIBLE at crocheting, but even I can handle crochet buttonloops quite easily, so no need to worry about those.

    BTW, I saw my first snowflake here in IL on Sunday night. Yep, it’s starting already.

  • It looks beautiful and will keep you toasty warm in Wisconsin. I hope you won’t need it too much. 😀 If you have time, you should wave at me!

  • Gorgeous, Brenda! I love the Glacier too (but does a BAD Malabrigo colorway exist? I don’t think so!) The pattern is great – original yet classic-looking too.

  • What a beautiful thing! I am totally hooked on Malabrigo and neckwarmers myself. Have you tried making one in Ridged Feather stitch? It looks fabulous. Can you tell me where I can find a pattern for your cabled brioche stitch? I have finally managed to acquire some Malabrigo (it’s almost impossible to find them here in Italy!) and I would like to make one like yours if you do not mind it. Thanks a lot and Happy Knitting!

  • PS. I work my neckwarmers in the round on circulars, or if on straight needles I kitchener them. The buttons idea is interesting, though…

  • That looks good! I just got some malagrigo and I’m looking forward to working with it. Kind of strange to use a thick wool when I live in Orlando, but I can always use it as an accessory around a jacket.

  • I love Etsy.com for buttons! Also, I like to sew my public button to a smaller private button.

    You put a toothpick btw the buttons you’re using (to make a little space btw) and then you just slip the smaller button into the knitting. It holds well and when you wash you just slip the thing off your piece and you don’t have to worry about buttons getting destroyed/messed up while washing.

    The tootchpick is a bit fiddly but it really helps to hold a proper space btw the buttons.

  • Malabrigo Cable Scarf

    Yes your photos are much clearer and encouraging that i might one day actually knit it. Yes i am having trouble getting those beautiful knit ribs that i have accomplished in a knit below brioche stitch but not the slip one, yarnover, knit -as instucted in the fireflowerknits pattern.

    I would really appreciate any help you can give or advice where i can get this pattern with a little more detail – even a chart – a video would be great – for this first time knitter of the Cabled Brioche Scarf.

    Congrats on your fantasticly perfect scarf! Wow!


  • Im also having some trouble with the cables…i have spent from 3 in the afternoon till 10 at night just knitting up until line 10 and ripping everytime i try line 11 the cablesssssssss!! lol

    i love your knitting…looks beautiful!!

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