I have many things to share, but I think I will blog them in separate posts in a vain attempt to remain comprehensible. So, today we have some fire.

The knitting fire wasn’t the fire I had planned at all for Lolly’s Project Spectrum: The Elements. I planned to knit some socks in a luscious raspberry merino. However, having chosen a pattern and knit almost a whole leg, I now want to knit something entirely different with the yarn (I think).

Thank goodness my father-in-law needed a new scarf. For Christmas 2006 I had knit Bob a scarf in some chunky alpaca. He thought I was really nice to knit him something, but unknown to me, he didn’t really wear scarves. That is until this past bitter winter. He loved the scarf; it kept his neck very warm, and then he lost it. He lost it in a hospital where he was taking part in a Parkinson’s Disease study (the study was called “Tango Boot Camp”), and now we believe someone else is wearing the scarf as it wasn’t turned in to the lost-and-found. More chunky alpaca to the rescue! I changed the stitch pattern to Twin Rib from a diagonal rib of the first scarf. Both patterns follow my ideal for men’s scarves of reversibility. The color, Cinnabar Melange, is the same as the first scarf (yarn is Misti Alpaca Chunky) and is a burning ember red.

Naturally, as this is Molecular Knitting, our first photo of a scarf must take place on the couch-o-meter. Bob’s Second Scarf knit up to a little over 2 cushions in length.
Bob's Second Scarf on the Couch-o-meter

Yes, the scarf and sofa color clash. Neither the couch or the scarf was very happy with the photo shoot, but they suffer from being inanimate and therefore are unable to do much about the situation.
Here’s a close up of the stitch pattern, unblocked, and I mailed it unblocked so it would arrive by Bob’s birthday. M said it looked fine, but I feel a bit guilty.
Bob's Second Scarf

Although I wasn’t really looking for a photography subject for Project Spectrum, we had an absolutely spectacular sunset on March 15th. I put some of the photos in there own Flickr set, but here are three in time progression from just after the sun sank below the horizon until about 20 minutes later. None of the photos have been played with digitally.
Sunset early 031508

Sunset late 031508

Sunset very late 031508

It was some pretty cool fire.

P.S. Be sure to check out M’s posts about the Blood and Sand cocktail at Cocktails with M, if you haven’t already. It’s yummy, especially with his mods.

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