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I know I haven’t been blogging much lately. Things in the mind here at Molecular Knitting have been a bit bleak this autumn. I didn’t even knit for about a week. But explanations would be dull, so let’s leave it at that. Wing a good thought my way when you have a spare moment. I do have a deadline knit that, although it is causing me a great deal of anxiety, is probably a good thing as I have a responsibility to get it done. Someone wants a single sock with directions and yarn for its mate. I’ve made up my own design. I’m worried that the sock is too small, although I can get it on my own foot, and the receiver’s foot is a little smaller than mine. M and Elsie (who actually knits and has knit for over 20 years) tell me not to worry. Looking on the brightest side I am capable of these days, I figure that if the sock does end up too small, it is a good sprucey-green color for Christmas (the color is called Prosperity), and could be used as a small stocking for gift giving. In addition, the Fearless Fibers superwash merino comes in such a large skein (550 yd), that there will be enough yarn for an entirely different pair of socks. But if it goes on my foot, it should also fit on a smaller foot.

Fearless Fibers Cable Sock 102107

And a close up of the stitch detail but with the colors far too blue:
Cable Sock 102107

I hope this sock ends up satisfactory to the recipient who wanted cables and/or texture stitches, a solid or monochromatic yarn, and a cool color. Now I just need to finish it up and write up the directions and send it off. Then I need to convince myself that the Minimalist Cardigan will fit if I finish the last front and seam it up.  I have no actual facts that it won’t fit; I just seem to have lost my optimism.

21 thoughts on “Cable Sock”

  • I very much like your sock design. I’m sure the recipient will as well.

    Big hugs and good thoughts to you from Wisconsin. I wish you the strength and opportunity to overcome the autumn bleakness.

  • Love the sock, and I see no reason why it might not fit – a good stretchy design, anyway, with all that knit/purling.

    Hope you start to feel better, and that M can cheer you with the odd frolicky cocktail perhaps (even if virgin, I think someone paying you the compliment of mixing a complex and beautiful drink for your personal taste and delectation might cheer?!)

    Best thoughts.

  • I, for one, love that sock design. Feel free to send a copy of the pattern my way, as well! Is that a brioche stitch pattern between the cables? I did have an awful time getting Grumperina’s Rozas pattern to fit because they had so little stretch, but once you get the sock on the foot, a tighter fit can be sorta nice.

  • Brenda- So sorry you’re having a rough patch. Try and keep your chin up- and all those platitudes that don’t really help.

    The sock is amazing, and it will fit. You should be publishing that one.

  • More good thoughts coming your way from the East Coast! The sock looks really super (love love love those cables), and I’m sure that it will fit just fine. The garter section looks nice and stretchy…

  • Your design is so beautiful that the recipient can’t help but be impressed – and grateful – for such a gift as this!

    Keep your head up, dear Brenda.

  • What a delightful pattern! I’m sorry you’re feeling blue…fall sometimes hits me that way, and I’ve no idea what ELSE you’ve got going, but know we’re here and missing you.


  • Sending you good thoughts and sincere hope good things and optimism return to you very soon.

    I can’t imagine that the recipient won’t think that sock is perfect. The pattern, the color, the size all sound spot-on. Here’s hoping the minimalist cardi is also a success!

  • Sorry to hear about the bleak times. I hope things get better for you soon. Hugs!

    I love how that sock is turning out. I think your pal will be really happy with it!

  • OH my gosh I think the sock is beautiful, and I love green. I think you should not worry about fit, color, or texture, it is wonderful!!!

    I have missed you blogging and I hope all is well.

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