Whipping Through the WIPs

I got home late today, and I have things to do, but I also wanted to keep to a WIPs on Wednesday post, so I’m going to whip through the WIPs. WIPs being my works in progress (my only aunt is a new reader, so I shall explain a few of the blogging terms as I come to them–Hi, Auntie Ann!).

The last time I showed the lace scarf in Habu silk fromVictorian Lace Today, I used a tape measure to show progress. Oh, the hue and cry from my readers! Where was the couch-o-meter?! I had no idea the couch-o-meter was so famous. But here is the scarf on the couch, and as you can see, it is just over two couch cushions long. Another half a cushion and I can knit the second Clarence border and then it will be done (and I can photograph it so you can actually see the lace).

Habu Scarf 091107.JPG

Moving right along, the pile of Minimalist Cardigan pieces is growing. The first sleeve joins the back in the pile of completion and a front is on the needles. The ball of yarn is the end of the third skein, so I think it will take less than 6 skeins to finish. I am still loving the moss stitch.

Minimalist Cardi 091107.JPG

I finished the first Pennant Stitch sock, and I have posed it in this oddly suggestive way to illustrate how I decided to pattern the top of the foot. Four pattern repeats fit across the width of the instep and foot. After finishing the gusset decreases, I switched the first repeat to stockinette stitch, did another 8 rows for a another pennant, then switched the second repeat to st st, and I continued thusly til all four repeats were stockinette stitch. This luckily worked out to being only 4 rows short of starting the toe decreases. The second sock is in the leg stage, and I’ve reversed the direction of the pennants, and I’ll also reverse the order of the switch on the foot.

Pennant Stitch Sock 1.JPG

I also started a sock for myself, as the Pennant Stitch pair is the third pair in a row of socks that I’ve knit for other people. This is Fleece Artist Merino in Hercules (a very dark dye lot) in the simple Garter Rib. FA merino usually looks best when I knit it in a simple stitch pattern, so even though this is a bit dull to knit, I like how it looks.

Garter Rib Hercules Leg.JPG

And finally, I started the Kiri shawl in the bright red Brushed Suri from Frog Tree. This photo doesn’t do justice to the reds, but it does prove that I managed my first provisional cast on and have knit just over one repeat of chart 2 without botching things up. As of this evening (photo taken this morning), the shawl is now on an Addi Lace needle. Therefore, I don’t have to go on a violent rampage. The joins on the circular bamboo needles in the photo were so bad I had to carefully, carefully slip 2-3 stitches at a time over the join. I love the Addi Lace needles!

Kiri 091107.JPG

So there is your whirlwind WIP tour for the week. I hope to post Friday with some new yarn acquisitions like my first Koigu, my first SeaWool, and some Fearless Fibers lace weight. Maybe I can even make them Fiberlicious.

Happy Knitting!

18 thoughts on “Whipping Through the WIPs”

  • A red Kiri, I like the sound of that. And I am so glad to see progress documented on the couch-o-meter. If I did I WIP Wednesday I would be embarassed. My recent fit of startitis has doomed me…it’s fun though!

  • I’m glad to see the return of the couch-o-meter, and that you found a good way to display red WIPs on it 🙂

    I like the simple Fleece Artist sock. The pattern shows off the colors beautifully. I hope it isn’t too boring!

  • I really hate bad joins on circs- they take the flow right out of the project. It’s especially bad with laceweight, but the addis are a dream!

    Your projects are looking good! I admire people who can keep it all straight; I am limited to one complex project at a tiime (anything requiring a chart is considered complex).

  • Can’t wait for another close-up of the VLT scarf! It’s really growing, especially with the progress you’ve made on the new cardi. The new garter rib sock looks great, too. You can never have too many socks!

  • I just started reading your blog….and I LOVE THE COUCH-O-METER!!!! Please, please never ever use anything so mundane as a measuring tape again.

    From an new yet devoted fan.

  • Great start on the Kiri. It’ll be gorgeous in that fabulous red yarn. Oooh. Aren’t the Addi Lace needles divine? I’m loving my one pair. Will definitely need to get more. The socks are all wonderful. I love the couch-o-meter. LOL 🙂

  • Yay, the couch-o-meter is back! The Habu scarf looks luscious, I can’t wait to see it completed. As always, your socks are quite impressive and I love your choice of colors. The more I see of your minimalist cardigan, the more I want to make one for myself.

  • Your minimalist cardigan looks great! So does the Kiri shawl. I’ve been thinking about knitting that shawl, so I can’t wait to see yours when it’s done.

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