WIPs and Praying Mantis

I’m a day late with the WIPs, but a headache kept me off the computer yesterday evening. So, it’s WIPs on Thursday this week. In August when I started planning my autumn knitting, I wanted to get four things knitted by October: the spaced check socks (done and gifted!), the Delicato mitts, the Clarence Border Scarf from Victorian Lace Today, and the pieces of the Minimalist Cardi. When my hands started hurting, I gave myself until mid-October to finish the cardi. So let’s look at the progress:

I started the second Delicato Mitt, so it shouldn’t be too hard to finish by October. Does anyone else find Schaefer Anne kind of splitty?
Delicato Mitts 091907.JPG

I took this photo of the Clarence Border Scarf on Tuesday morning while I was part way through the second border, but now it is actually off the needles ready to block.
VLT Scarf 091907.JPG

As for the Minimalist Cardi, I’m on the right front. I’m a bit very concerned at how much the stockinette panel is rolling. However, this seems to be a universal occurrence based on what I’ve seen on Ravelry and other blogs, and for most knitters it tends to block out. I plan to finish this first front, block it and see.
Minimalist Cardi Front 091907.JPG

In closing, I have to show you the praying mantis that has been living on our hummingbird feeder, keeping the little bugs out of the sugar syrup. It does startle the hummingbirds a bit, but they still eat up. I am always a fan of creatures that eat nasty, little insects, even if it’s a great big insect.

Praying Mantis.JPG

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  • Brenda- Not to worry- it is inherent in stocking stitch that it will roll like that- it does block out.

    I’m glad I’m only looking at a picture of the mantis- bugs scare the crap out of me.

  • All of your projects look lovely! And I can’t wait to see the blocked scarf. I just bought my first Anne, so I’ll have to be on the lookout for splits when I get started with it.

    How long is the praying mantis? It looks huge!

  • Wow, Brenda! Even when you give your hands a break, you still manage to stick to your knitting guns. Everything (including the rolling cardi) looks mighty impressive.

  • That mantis is something else! His wings (?) look EXACTLY like leaves. I love natural selection, don’t you? πŸ˜‰

    Is he missing a front leg, or is that just the angle?

  • I too find Anne splitty. And I hated frogging it too, it doesn’t like it much and tends to get fuzzy ,anyway, I think it does.
    All the WIPs look fantastic, can’t wait to see the scarf blocked.

    We love Praying Mantis too, in fact I think all three of my kids have written reports on them at some time or another.

  • Your knitting projects are all coming along beautifully. And that praying mantis is totally cool. Love those guys. Like you said, anything that eats nasty bugs is a good guy, even if it is another bug. LOL πŸ™‚

  • Good for you for adjusting your deadlines realistically πŸ™‚

    That praying mantis pic is great! I would stay away from the bird feeder if I were a bug πŸ™‚

  • Wow, cool bug! Your photo of it is wonderful! You are making fantastic progress on your list of projects. Hmm, maybe if I make a list I’ll get more done too? I especially love the delicato mitts. The colors are so cheerful.

  • On the one hand, I want to say – ewww, creepy, but at the same time, it’s fascinating. The mantis, of course!

    You’re so efficient with your knitting! And I still haven’t blocked Kiri…

  • Such good WIPs!!
    In my experience, stockinette roll will block out, but never entirely, unless it’s got a fat border. Most of the photos I’ve seen of the Minimalist have a bit of roll on the front.

    Can’t wait to see the VLT scarf. Oh, and YES, Anne is splitty for me too.

  • Great praying mantis shot. I found one in our garage the other day and “rescued” it. Admittedly, I did have to put on a gardening glove, but I put him in my flower bed. I love them and ladybugs.

    Wonderful WIPS!

  • I always have to get DH to deal with insects. We don’t have any praying manitses (sp?) here; but some of the spiders are pretty big. this time of year they’re all trying to get into the house, too. I can deal with dead birds (never should have washed my windows) and live rodents, but insects? Not so much.

    The Clarence Border scarf is on my to-do list for this winter. Yours looks awful nice!

  • Lovely WIP’s — I’m intrigued by the Clarence Border Scarf — love the color too!

    BTW . . . I popped by because I hadn’t seen an update in a while and wanted to make sure all is okay!

  • Do you realize the praying mantis are know to watch the humming birds, learn their pattern, and then strike and kill the birds? If you love your birds…get rid of the insect….do the research…

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