FO: Spaced Check Socks

All this past week I kept meaning to post but didn’t get around to it. In retrospect, this is a good thing. I’ve been very grouchy. After a mild summer, September decided we must have missed having 100+ degree days with the wind blowing from due north down the valley. The north wind is not a happy wind. For readers who know Southern California, the north wind is similar to the Santa Ana wind. It really makes people edgy and cranky. It’s dry, dusty and hot. I found the temperatures and wind a real insult, and I did my best to keep a low profile. I would tell M, “I’m in a really bad mood, and about the best we can hope for right now is my not being mean. Civility and cordiality is right out. You might want to leave me to myself.” He’s a smart man; he left me alone. I did get some knitting done, but when I tried to take some photos, well, let’s just say the result didn’t improve my mood. So, since I’ve washed, blocked and given these socks to Nancy, let’s take a look at the completed Spaced Check Socks.

Spaced Check Socks

Yarn: Claudia Hand Painted Fingering in Walk in the Woods
Needles: 2.25 mm Clover bamboo
Pattern: Spaced Check Socks from More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch; I believe I followed the pattern religiously for the 60-stitch sock. It would be a very good pattern stitch for a conservative pair of men’s socks in a solid color.

I used the garter-edged heel flap, which I really like. Picking up the stitches is so easy, and it looks very neat. I also did the extra 2 stitch pick-up to keep the gusset top from having a hole, and that really works for me too.

Heel Flap-Spaced Check Socks

Nancy thought them pretty, although she won’t really be able to wear them for close to two months. Considering her birthday was July 31, and last year I didn’t get her socks done until Halloween, I was much more prompt in my lateness this year.

So now if the weather, which has been cooling off the last two days, continues to behave in a reasonable manner, I may be able to post some WIPs mid-week with a smile. The one good thing about the smoke are the pretty sunsets (when the sun was orange in the sky at noon, that was a bit much), so I’ll leave you with one of the tamer ones, as that was the only time I had my camera.

Sunset 090907

Think cool, sweater-weather thoughts!

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