Minimalist Cardigan

I am always, always on the lookout for throw-on-throw-off cardigans due to my job. The lab is kept reasonably cool unless I need to wear a labcoat, work in the cell culture room, or environmental services decides to “make improvements.” So an easy cardigan is perfect, and when I saw Ruthie Nussbaum’s Minimalist Cardigan in the Fall IK, I knew I had to have it. (I took a photo of the magazine photo, but Flickr is giving me the wrong code for inserting the photo, so you’ll have to use the link and scroll down).

Luckily, she used a worsted weight yarn, and I had more then enough bright navy Cascade 220 in stash. I made the moss stitch swatch, and I got both stitch and row gauge. I never get row gauge. I even got gauge with the specified size needles. I was a bit worried the knitting gods were setting me up for a great fall, but I decided I needed to continue in a suitably grateful and humble manner.

Saturday morning, after finishing THE BOOK the night before, I cast on and knit throughout most of the day. I also did six loads of laundry and cleaned the house, but I got half way to the arm hole decreases of the back.

Minimalist Cardi--back start

I really like the moss stitch fabric, and since I knit continental, the switch between knit and purl is easy. I need to email IK as the pattern tells the knitter to knit the ribbing of the back and sleeves to 1.5 inches, and 1.25 inches for the fronts. Clearly, that isn’t correct. But otherwise, the pattern is very clear and easy to follow.

My plan is to have the pieces all knit by October along with a few select WIPs that I’ll talk about on Wednesday. This schedule should fit well into a Master Knitting Plan that I have been concocting in my feeble, little brain. I would then, in theory, have time to also knit something like Icarus for holiday wearing. Time will tell if I can bring all this to fruition.

I hope you have had a good knitting weekend!

15 thoughts on “Minimalist Cardigan”

  • The new Fall IK has so many nice designs in it. I love the blue you are knitting your cardigan in. I too am a continental knitter and don’t mind the moss stitch either.

  • The sweater looks great so far!

    And, can I just say the lab I work in has temp issues as well. One lab is cold another steaming hot. Some are in between. Ah, the life of a scientist! 🙂

    Have a great week!

  • Oooo, that’s going to be lovely! Good choice…I know I’m always on the lookout for a good everyday cardigan as well. I freeze most days of the year at the office!

  • Brenda- I definitely like your color choice better. Looks like you’re well on your way.
    Lately, I’ve become obsessed with placing beads in everything-it’s very scary. Maybe a few in Icarus, huh?

  • What a beauty! I’ve been thinking about knitting up a blue cardigan all weekend since a friend gifted me with some blue floral vintage fabric buttons. What do I see when I open your post? A blue cardi in the making.

  • I love blues…this is going to be a great match for the Minimalist Cardigan.
    I’m getting a little nervous now that I’m getting close to the short row heel section of the current pair of socks. Hopefully it will work out.

  • I have to agree that the minimalist cardigan is lovely. I think it will be perfect for throwing on at work. I really like your color choice too! How did you like The Book?

  • That’s lovely! Are you making it the same length as the original? I think when I make it (if I do…) I’ll lengthen it a bit (I do like longer cardigans!)
    And I like your color choice better, too!

  • The cardi looks great! The color is lovely, and I can see how the stitch pattern would be rather intoxicating!

    And you finished HP, I take it? Did you like the ending?

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