WIPs with a Green Tape Measure

Before I WIP it for this week, I want to say I received my Ravelry invite on Sunday. I’m still learning my way around the site, where I can be found under the sobriquet of MolecularKnit, but I have already found several projects to put in my queue. I even found a few people whose blogs I read, and I made them my friends. I still need to find a picture of myself to use. I might try to get M to help me do something fun. I may wait a day or two to ask him though, as today in lab he thought it was “fun” to keep squirting me with lab bench water bottle. But let’s look at those WIPs!

The back of the minimalist cardi is up to 11 inches! 3 more inches and I get to decrease for the sleeves. I got to just over 10 inches with the first skein of Cascade 220. I know I have to stop knitting on this when I do a row of seed stitch instead of moss.
Minimalist Cardi Back 081407

In addition to knitting all the pieces for the Cardi by October, I would also like to get the Habu silk scarf from VLT done. The Clarence Border isn’t shown here as I can’t get the tape readable and show the whole scarf as it is now a yard long. Half way done.
VLT scarf on 081407

By Thanksgiving, I would like to get the Pinnacle Chevron Scarf in Ultra Alpaca done for M. I took it to Wisconsin and knit on it there, so now I am up to 21 inches. M is very tall. Thanksgiving is not an unreasonable finish date. I love knitting with this yarn–soft but durable.
&Pinnacle Chevron length 081407

WitW sock and Delicato Mitt

Finally, by October I would like to finish the Delicato Mitts and this new pair of socks. I started the sock for myself; the yarn is Claudia’s Hand Paints in Walk in the Woods. The pattern is the Spaced Check from More Sensational Knitted Socks, which I realize is hard to see here; it’s better on the foot. However, the sock is rather large for me. I was bummed at first until I remembered that my friend Nancy, to whom I have promised a birthday gift of hand-knitted socks, has bigger feet than me. So instead of using the LL Mother Lode yarn for her socks (you may remember I had tragic pooling issues), I shall do a switcheroo. Now I am almost done with her first sock instead of not having started!

Well, those are all the WIPs that are fit to print.  I hope all your WIPs are going well!

13 thoughts on “WIPs with a Green Tape Measure”

  • Brenda- What happened to the sofa as your measuring tool? You seem to have broken down and got a measuring tape.

    I’m only admitting to 2 WIP’s on Ravelry.

  • Wow, you’re really making some great headway on that cardi! That’s going to be gorgeous. The only think I don’t like about IK, is that their pictures aren’t as detailed as I’d like. I love watching other people knit their stuff, because then I get to see all the juicy details, lol!

    Lovely knitting!

  • You have some lovely projects on the needles! The Pinnacle Chevron scarf looks amazingly soft. I admire your ambitious schedule. I’m afraid my goals for my WIPs is more like, try to knit at least a little on each every week so I don’t feel like a total loser. 😉

  • I think your goals seem pretty reasonable. My WIPs depress me. I should probably finish more things before are start more things that will need to be finished!

  • Yes, but how many sofa cushions are those projects?

    The cardigan is looking great, and I love the sock! That’s a great idea to gift it to your friend.

  • Wow, your WIP’s are doing better than mine! I’m going to have a second look at that cardigan, because I love the look of the moss stitch.

    OK, off to find you on Ravelry!

  • The cardigan looks great! You are inspiring me to look in my stash to see if I have yarn I can use for it. I added you as a friend on ravelry!

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