I’ve been holding out on you. I finished the Piecrust Basketweave scarf sometime in mid-March; I’ve been keeping the FO post back, knowing that there would come a time when all I had by way of new knitting is longer WIPs. Both my chevron scarf and Aran Pocket shawl are significantly longer than in their last viewing, but both being rectangles, longer is just, um, longer. And I think the tiki mug stole my sock knitting mojo as the sock remains the same. So let’s look at my finished scarf!

Six feet of fuschia, alpaca-y goodness.

Picot sevedges on ends (looks like the fluting on a piecrust, but don’t tell anyone, they’ll think I’m dorky).

Piecrust Basketweave stitch pattern from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary: Vol 1, pattern #33.

Yarn: Plymouth Yarns Chunky Baby Alpaca in a hot pink, fuschia.

This is the third time I’ve knit something out of a “chunky” alpaca, and I think it may be the last. I think alpaca is better in the finer weights. It lacks the sproinginess necessary to take the weight of the chunky yarn without stretching too much. Based on my swatch, the scarf should be five feet long but is really six feet long. Because I cast on the length, knitting to the width (looked better with the horizontal nature of the pattern), the stretch runs the length. The longer the scarf got, the more it stretched and didn’t bounce back. I blocked it as I had done before, using wires and blocking it dry followed by spritzing it with water until it was pretty wet, which was what the yarn manufacturer recommended for the other scarf. I think if I had soaked the whole scarf, the weight of the water would have over-stretched the yarn perhaps to breaking point.

I like the stitch pattern (complete sucker for knit-purl stitch patterns!); it was very easy. I modified the edges which had a lot of reverse stockinette tacked on. In an attempt to make it look more finished, I did a 2-stitch picot at the start of each row, and it ended up looking like piecrust fluting, but I like it, and as the scarf doesn’t have a big sign that says it was named “piecrust basketweave” by the Vogue Knitting editors, I don’t think it’s really an issue. All in all, I’m looking forward to wearing the scarf in another 7-8 months when the weather here will turn cool. I clearly don’t live in the ideal location for handknits in natural animal fibers!

This is a long post so I’ll save the good smelling stuff I got in the mail today for a post later this week, as I suspect that my WIPs will still be merely longer.

10 thoughts on “A FO!”

  • Brenda- It’s a lovely scarf, and the color is nice. People either love Alpaca or loathe it.

    And they’re such cute animals too.

    You should get yourself the Barbara Walker Stitch Treasuries- tons of inspiration for stitch patterns.

  • Very pretty! I would never think to put a picot edge on a scarf but it really works for this. Great job!


  • The little picots are darling. 🙂 And the color is just what the doctor ordered on a grey day like today (over here, anyway!)

  • Holy Bubblegum Basketweave, Batman! How fun! I think it turned out great. Also love the “couch-o-meter” from previous post. Genius!

  • Wow, that does look beautiful! The picot edging looks very nice and goes well with the basketweave. The punchy color is fantastic for scarf, too. Just the right punch of color for an outfit!

    I hear ya on the long wait for cold weather. I want to make a slouchy beret, but I won’t be able to wear it for several months.

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