Chevron Scarf the First

Thanks to all my readers who left an opinion on my chevron scarf options! More of you thought the Cherry Tree Hill yarns of option 3 were the yarns they would go with. But my original choice didn’t fare badly. I think I may do a version with each (as that still leaves a lot of sock yarn in my stash for socks). There are a lot of stitch patterns that make a chevron shape, and many of them can be knit as a rectangle or a triangle, so I don’t intend for identical patterns. Theme and variations!

As it was, this weekend when I wanted to get started, M, my swift, was off running errands. This left Option 1. Now, I don’t own Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and my LYS doesn’t really sell books, and my local bookstore didn’t have a copy. I had seen the stitch pattern on blogs, and I have knit Feather and Fan, so I pretty much understood the game plan. But I decided to mess around on the web and see what other sorts of chevron stitch patterns I could find. At Yarnover I found a chevron edging from nineteenth century Denmark that I liked (really pointy). I charted the pattern, changing a few decreases so they would be directional (all were K2tog in the original), added 2 edge stitches to my chart in garter stitch and cast on 47 stitches. At least, 47 stitches was the goal. Since I made 2 set up rows where I didn’t have to count, it wasn’t until the first pattern row that I realized I had miscounted the cast on as I cast on and when I recounted after casting on. I ripped and cast on again. Then after counting wrong again, I ripped a second time. The third time was the charm, and I was able to count to 47 twice and start my scarf. Whew!

The colors are better in real life!

I got home from lab too late to take pictures outside, so the colors are much richer and better in real life. Trust me, these yarns look great together. Although I can tell I am going to want to knit a burgundy tweed sweater to “go with.” Ever since seeing Neither Hip nor Funky’s sensational Sunrise Circle sweater in glorious orange tweed, I have been coveting tweedy yarn.


It was not a happy weekend for sock knitting. Two pairs were ripped due to fit issues and pattern frustration. I do have a successful sock in the works, which no one but Elsie (who doesn’t blog) has seen. I think I will wait until the first sock is done (I’m on the foot) before showing a picture. I’m feeling a little jinxed at the moment.

I leave you with a picture of the delicious dinner M made (well I made the rice and vegetable–they were easy) on Sunday. It was a lovely evening for our first outdoor meal of the year. He made Cedar Plank Cooked Salmon from The Cakebread Cellars Napa Valley Cookbook: Wine and Recipes to Celebrate Every Season’s Harvest.

Thanks, M!

17 thoughts on “Chevron Scarf the First”

  • Oooo, that food looks yummy!

    I think your scarf yarn choice is perfect, I love the jewel tones. I too had sock “issues” over the weekend, it came out too small. Only I didn’t rip it back, I just hid it away for now…

  • Wow, it looks even better in real life? Because I am already loving the combo. Even though I went a different combo, I am glad I was outvoted. And burgundy tweed sound very yummy (glad I could help out 😉

  • That food looks really good! It’s a good thing I just ate breakfast, or I’d be drooling all over my keyboard!

    I really like your chevron scarf, too. I think it adds interest, without being too busy with the variegated colors. Great choice!

  • Brenda- Yeah, you will need a burgundy sweater to go with that pretty scarf.

    You’ll have to buy more yarn, too bad!

  • Huh, I just looked again and wait….it is option 1, so it is the one I liked. Well no wonder I still love it.

  • The dinner M made looks divine. What’s the yellow/green side dish in the bowl? A relish or salsa of some kind?

    Your chevron scarf looks wonderful — if it was your first thought and your first instinct to go with those colors, I think it’s the best combo. I love the way it’s knitting up!

  • The color choices for the scarf are great. The flecks of blue are so cool and vibrant contrasted to the warm burgandies. Sorry to hear about the socks… sometimes you just never know!

  • Oops!!!
    Reading over your blog, I found your cast on stitches.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely pattern wih all of us. I know I will enjoy knitting it as much as my granddaughter will enjoy wearing it.

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