I love seed stitch

I love seed stitch in diamonds.

seed stitch diamond from my first sweater

I love seed stitch in mohair.

seed stitch edgings on my second sweater

I love seed stitch in handpainted yarn.

detail from seed stitch chevron of Landscape Shawl

But I love seed stitch in basket weave most of all.

Aran Pocket Shawl

This past weekend I was freezing (I hadn’t yet realized the thermostat was set for 64), so after making chocolate chip cookies and losing my excuse to have the oven on, I felt I needed to knit with a substantial yarn. I was curious as to how the Aran Pocket Shawl from Folk Shawls would look in the Berroco Ultra Alpaca* I had. So I taught myself the cable cast-on (great and easy!), and gave the shawl chart a go. I’ve wanted to knit this shawl for a long time (because of the seed stitch), and I am really pleased how it looks in this yarn. Now I switch between the Landscape Shawl (great during TV) and the APS (great to take my mind off the day and relax). I’ll just have to make sure my next shawl isn’t green!

Speaking of Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle, Trek recently acquired a copy and is considering a KAL. So, if you would be interested, let her know.

*For those faithful readers who vaguely remember this yarn in the start of the Cambridge Jacket, well it’s toast. I didn’t get gauge well enough for it to be my first cap-sleeved sweater. But I like the yarn better in the shawl, so all is good.

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