Alice Starmore and Citrus

First up, if you have always wanted a like-new copy of Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting, I am selling my copy through my parents on ebay. They are mingmags37, and the auction ends Thursday at 10 pm PDT. I bought the book new, looked at it a few times, and that’s pretty much it. Just thought you might like to know.

Second, Sunday afternoon was glorious here in Molecular Knitting’s little corner of California. I took myself outside for a tromp around the neighborhood to admire all the citrus trees heavy with ripe fruit.

Grapefruit tree

Lemons! Sidecar anyone?

Fabulous oranges

Many people don’t pick the fruit from their trees, which I think is a shame. I was very tempted to knock on a couple of neighbor’s doors and ask if they wanted to fork over a dozen or two lemons, but I feared that would be considered too rude. So, I just coveted them.

After my walk, I put in some heavy knitting on the Landscape shawl. 34% done! 4 rows from starting the next chevron, which is moss stitch. Once I get my chuck roast braising in the oven this evening (I’m still rendering some bacon to brown the roast in the bacon fat–evil, but oh, so yummy), I’ll get to that next chevron (and pretend the Christmas tree still isn’t up). So pictures of progress soon. I was very relieved to make the 34% mark with some of my first of three balls of yarn left. I bought what should be 200 extra yards, but the first ball seemed to be shrinking fast and I was stuck in the 20 -something percentage-complete for a long time.

Did you see the letter Trek’s black sweater vest sent her? I hope my gingerbread cable sock didn’t see it, or I think it may get some epistolary ideas of its own. It’s been a single sock for a long time. I even had to wear grey store bought socks today, and I think it noticed. I know the Harlot’s UFOs have also occasionally written her. I hope no one reads our UFOs, A Tale of Two Cities, or they may start a revolution. I’ll have to get to its mate soon.

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