Knitting! Plus some gardening, cocktails, and whatever else strikes my fancy.


Acquisitions: Daylilies and Yarn for Stripes!

On a Saturday, M and I can often be found with friends touring around Amador County here in California wine tasting. Many times I drove us (I’m almost always one of the designated drivers) by the Amador Flower Farm with over 1000 (!) varieties of […]

What Smart People Don’t Do

Do you know what smart people don’t do? They don’t finish knitting a wool scarf in November and then wait until the first 98 degree day the next June to do a photo shoot. The other not so smart thing she did years ago was […]

A New Landscape

In late 2006 I knit a Landscape shawl by Evelyn A. Clark out of fingering weight Cherry Tree Hill Yarn Supersock Merino. It turned out really well, but I didn’t wear it much. I work in a lab not a office, so full size shawls […]

Green Hat, Greens, and Spring Flowers

I have so many things I could blog about, but really time to do one (maybe two) post(s) a week, that I can’t decide what to blog about first, and then I don’t blog about anything. So, I’m throwing themed posts out the window, and […]

All New WIPs and a Plan

First, WordPress offered an update to my theme, so M had me install it, and then I couldn’t find the yarn picture, so I put in the pretty photo of blooming Ceanothus you see above, as it is one of my favorite native California plants. It’s […]

Before and After with Steps

When M and I bought our home this summer, there was a nook off one side of the kitchen (the kitchen is in the center of the house and open on three sides). The area on the left would really only hold a small bistro […]

The End of 2012 Knitting

The last few months of 2012 were difficult on many levels that I won’t go into here. Things are still in a state of flux, but there is reason to think that better times are coming, but keep your fingers crossed for me for a […]

Birthday Treats

Saturday, November 10, was my birthday. I had a great day! M and I went on an excursion so I could buy this red wool coat. I love the red, however, almost none of my hand knitted accessories coordinated, as my other jackets are all […]


Knitters often talk about being either a process knitter or a product knitter, and I think most knitters are a mixture of the two. The only true process knitter I ever witnessed was when I was on a church council. One member knit a garter […]

Projects, Part 1

Projects, Part 1

Home ownership and a knitting hobby means there can be a lot of projects in progress. M and I are having a blast making the yard and gardens “ours.” And I’ll get to one of those projects in just a minute. First though, a little […]