Birthday Treats

Birthday Treats

Saturday, November 10, was my birthday. I had a great day! M and I went on an excursion so I could buy this red wool coat. I love the red, however, almost none of my hand knitted accessories coordinated, as my other jackets are all in the fuchsia-plum color family. So I cast-on some Impressionist Sky Malabrigo sock yarn to knit the Cherry Lane Cowl. They also had the coat in black, and then all my current accessories would have worked, but what would be the fun in that?
red coat and blue yarn
One of the birthday presents M gave me is two skeins of Elsa Wool woolen spun fingering weight. It’s 100% Cormo wool (a first for me). For these two skeins the sheep lived in Montana (some of her sheep live in Colorado). It is the natural white wool color, and I think it will make a smashing wrap. M said he had a great shopping experience with Elsa; she seemed like a “very nice lady.”
Elsawool woolen spun fingering
Attached to the yarn is a copper shawl pin given to me by my friend Elsie. Elsie knows I have a copper bracelet I love to wear, and I think the maple leaf is so delicate and pretty. She bought it at Sterling Simplicity on Etsy. Luckily I have other shawls the copper will look good with, so I don’t have to wait until I get this yarn knit up to use it.

On our shopping expedition to buy the coat, while I was driving, M spied what looked like a place that sells pots for plantings. On the way back, we managed to exit the interstate at the right exit to get there without trouble, and the number of pots was huge! Standing in the middle of the place, looking one way there was this:
And then turning 180 degrees, there was this:
Not to mention what was in the other two directions. There had to be 2-3 acres of pots. We picked out one in a gorgeous green glaze with a hexagonal opening. The photo with me shows the pot’s color best, but I look like a vampire about to burst into flames in the sunlight. With M you can see it’s a pretty sizable pot. We didn’t realize that until we got home. Although it was mid-size there, it’s the biggest pot we have, and we thought it would be smaller than several of our containers. Ooops! But it will work out fine.
I think this photo illustrates why ladies at the Clinique counters I’ve visited over the years always say, “You are very pale.” And then they tell me I can’t wear any interesting colors of make-up without looking like a clown. *sigh*
Anyway, M made his famous French onion soup for my birthday dinner followed by hot fudge sundaes with home made hot fudge sauce and Spanish peanuts. Much tastier than the peanut buster parfait. It was a great day, and I got yarn!

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