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Smoky Shealyn

Many people have googled is it “smoky” or “smokey”? I’m going with smoky, as it appears the more correct. The color of the Handmaiden Merino 2/6 and Angel Hair was Smoke, and it’s an apt name.
Smoky Shaelyn yarn
I had this yarn for ever, and I couldn’t think what to do with it (I bought it on sale). When I saw the Shaelyn pattern by Leila Raabe, I knew the Smoke yarn combo would be perfect.
Smoky Shaelyn 2
Once I started, I pretty much just knit this until I didn’t have enough yarn to do more. I doubled the lace at the end, as I didn’t have enough yarn for a sixth complete repeat. I weighed the yarn after each stockinette and then lace section. The stockinette ate up about twice as much yarn as the lace.
Smoky Shaelyn 1
The only other modification I made was to use YOs instead of M1s at the increases. M1 with the two yarns together, one being a super sticky but skinny mohair, was not an option. I did it once, and then I switched to YOs. I did use a US 9 needle, and I figured the two yarns together added up to a sportweight, which is what the pattern calls for. My final dimensions were 54″ wide and 24″ deep.

I was hoping to get a shot by a tree with bright red foliage, but this was as close as we could get without me climbing the tree.
Smoky Shaelyn 3
Many thanks to M for taking the photos of me in the shawl!

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